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Many Messengers have been sent. However, the Ignorant and the Foolish have often denied the Messengers of Truth. A thought to the Wise and the not so Wise. It is normal behavior to strive for Truth. So is it abnormal to search for lies and falsehoods? But to live a lie and is the greatest folly of human existence.

Peace and Love,

Carl Patton writing for the FreedomJournal July 30, 2001 in the year of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


Part 2: Preachers: Why They Censor The FreedomJournal

In the name of Jehovah God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.

Preachers are one of the primary organized groups that seek to Censor and Destroy the FreedomJournal. However most people believe that Preachers are good people and have a great interest in Peace and Tranquility. They are also noted to be people of God thus people that demonstrate love for all of humankind. For the record many Preachers are ungodly. Thus Preachers that are trustworthy, peaceful, honest and follow the Truth (knowledge) of God is often seen in a great fantasy. The stark reality is that many lost Preachers are some of the most corrupt creatures that walk and crawl the planet earth. They are wicked in that the lost Preachers have embraced a career that involves telling "Big Lies on God." They also willfully (planed before hand) rob the people in the name of God. The primary way in which they commit acts of on-going theft is through the Con-Game of tithes and offerings. However this is a man-made law but Preachers claim that God has commanded the tithe. Thus they get very angry if anybody seeks to expose this Game of deceit and thievery.

The following is a dialogue between the FreedomJournal and the Preachers.

Preachers: "He said (FreedomJournal) that we are a bunch of crooks."

F-J: Of course you would want the person to be more specific. Thus, we ask all Preachers: How are you crooked and what crime or crimes does that evil man at the FreedomJournal say you have committed?

Preachers: "Well he said that we should not take up tithes from the people. He goes on to say that God has not commanded tithes of money."

F-J: Well what do you say?

Preachers: "I say that you will not be blessed by God if you don't give God 10% of your income."

F-J: Well what does, the FreedomJournal base their position on. Do you believe that the FreedomJournal just don't want to give money to the Church?

Preachers: "Well he knows the Bible but he just twists the scriptures and uses the words in the Bible for his own use."

F-J: Well Brother Preacher where in the Bible does it say that we have to tithe 10% of our incomes? Did Paul and Peter, Timothy or John or James or Silas tithe?

Preachers: "Well everything is not in the Bible but we know that God wants us to tithe."

F-J: But aren't we supposed to go by the Bible?

Preachers: “Well we do go by the Bible but we also have to note tradition, we need this money to run the church."

However, along came Southwest Willie. Willie said the bottom line is that the FreedomJournal has made a great attempt to expose the money hungry Preachers that are robbing the people. Thus the FreedomJournal is very concerned about the poor widows and single mothers in the various churches that are put on guilt trips for not having money to give to the church. Thus these poor people often deny their children clothes, food etc. in order to give to a low-down Preacher. Also many widows on fixed incomes are not able to take care of medical expenses (prescriptions etc.) when they are taught (brainwashed) to be obedient to the greedy (Preachers) instead of themselves who are needy. Therefore Preachers are angry with the FreedomJournal and seek to Censor their work because they are busy informing the people that most Preaches are liars and hustlers and the Truth is not in them."

So those that seek to Censor the FreedomJournal evidently have something to hide. We advise you once again if you really want to know the Truth always ask the question Why? Yes why are the Preachers, Civil Rights Leaders, Marxists, Cultural Nationalists and Mutinous leaders so angry with the FreedomJournal? Do the racists, the hatemongers and atheists have anything in common with the major Censors of the FreedomJournal? Do all of these groups have something to hide and we want let them hide it? We expose all Devils in the Black community. We do not take a partial attitude in our critique of the Black experience. Thus we are not partial to so-called friends, relatives; associates are any organization, institution, group or race of people. If you are committing crimes against the Black and poor, we will expose your activities. Thus we have many enemies because we simply strive to tell the Truth.

My Beloved Brother William (Bay-Brother) Patton always noted that "a hit Dog will holler." We often note this quote in making an analysis of those in opposition to Truth and the FreedomJournal. Therefore, Preachers are Hollering loud. As you know many Preachers make a good living from Hollering and Clowning in the pulpit. They have become great actors and are often acrobatic as they run up and down church aisles and the pews (benches, seats) in the church. Meanwhile they have been in the vanguard of our Censorship from our inception as a writer.

On a concluding note who are the worst of the worst? The Black Church has been the cornerstone of Black Unity and has played a major role in the Civil Rights Movement. However no wonder the Movement for Freedom, Justice and Equality is stalled when the core of the Black Leadership is bought and sold like Hot-Dogs at a Friday night football game.

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