Greetings Brethren:

There was once a man who saw Truth confirmed. As the Sun came into his presence, he saw with his eyes. He also felt it upon his skin and body. He saw the flowers and blades of grass nourished from its warmth. He also believed the Book that gave him this knowledge.

Meanwhile there were others who had no idea or appreciation of the Creation. Although they could not explain man's part in the earth, they had faith in his human wisdom. Meanwhile the first man did not come with all the answers to this Truth. But what he had been blessed with was of greater value than the little Truth of man in the flesh.

Peace and Paradise,

Carl Patton writing for the FreedomJournal September 3, 2001 in the year of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.



In the name of Jehovah God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.

The right to Free Speech is a God given right. Thus, prior to man-made laws the people of the planet earth were given Free Speech by the Creator. Also, came the principle of Free Will to choose between good and evil. Therefore, the choice between God and Satan is a part of the Divine Order of life. Therefore the law of man for example the First Amendment is secondary in the eyes of believers.

There is also a political doctrine called Democracy. We believe in Democracy and Democracy is the embodiment of Free Speech. There can be no order in society without the basic Freedom of Speech. Therefore the Press (Media) has an expressed role to keep government in check. This means that without a Free Democratic Press a Democratic system of government is challenged.

Hence the exposure of corruption, wrong doing, and violation of the public trust is a mission of responsible media. Of course there are other institutions and individuals that are in the Public Sectors that also need the scrutiny of the Press. These forces and actors are the leading actors of Censorship of Truth. However why do so many people believe in Censorship?

There are many people in this corrupt society that have a heart and mind of larceny. Thus, they do not want to work in the best interest of the public although they are in positions of authority and trust. These people and organizations seek to Censor those that inform the masses of the contradictions they pose. Often these people and organizations seek to control media and denounce those that they cannot control. Here Democracy meets one of its greatest threats. The Censorship and destruction of Independent writers' and thinkers attack the basic fiber of Democracy. Thus Democracy is held up for review and opens the door for opposing political systems and doctrines.

But are the attempts to Censor Truth possible? What of the Censorship of that which is negative in society? However who describes and identifies negative literature, art etc.? Therefore, is Free Speech extended to someone who Hollers, Shouts, (Cry Out) Fire in a crowded theater? In this instance one has to note the reality of a fire or not. Thus if there is a fire, the person who shouts fire to warn other human beings of danger has the God given right and the laws of man protect this right. However if there is no fire, this is not an exercise of Free Speech.

Meanwhile, one can easily determine the validity of Free Speech in the example of fire or no fire in a theater. However, in the realm of literature for example there is a more complex problem of defining what is Truth and what is not. Thus, Truth to some people is a lie and falsehood. On the other side a lie is Truth and vice versa. But is Truth only afforded Free Speech in artistic expression?

Again we note that Truth is often noted in the beholder. Therefore, a sane society extends Free Speech to all elements. However, Truth reigns Supreme therefore Truth will over-shadow falsehoods and lies. We argue that the Truth-Seekers have nothing to fear from lies and in fact lies promote greater clarity for Truth.

As we move to complete this series, we will bring up for review the positive nature of Censorship. Here we will again note basic philosophical statements toward understanding Truth and Censorship. Our basic point of departure will be the following. Censorship allows the Truth Seeker to bring questions up for review that in many instances were not known. Thus, Censorship allows the Truth Seeker to make a deeper analysis of the opposition to Truth.

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