Greetings Brethren:

It is for sure that Mr. Webster spent considerable time in Chattanooga gaining the definitive qualities for Ignorance and Stupidity. TRUTH CANNOT BE CENSORED. Thus, Censorship only finds converts among the Ignorant and Stupid. These people are of no use to society and humankind. As they simply hang onto a temporal life, they are rooted in the disbelief as to who really Calls the Way of the Wind.

Peace and Love,

Carl Patton writing for the FreedomJournal August 31, 2001 in the year of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.



Part 2: Chattanooga Censors

This biography of Chief Cothran also records a critique of the Civil Rights Movement. Meanwhile, by this time the author of Big Ralph: Reflections of a Black Police Chief, had established a reputation as a relentless Truth-Seeker. However many enemies of Truth concluded any Black writer that sought Truth and attempted to record an accurate historical record was a trouble-maker and hatemonger. Therefore it was noted that anything that Dr. Carl A. Patton wrote should be Censored and Banned.

The numerous examples of Censorship during my tenure as a newspaper journalist can be found at our Web Page Academic Freedom: Freedom of Expression. There are also numerous accounts of Censorship recorded regarding the attack on the biography of Chief Cothran. Many of these examples are also found at the Academic Freedom: Freedom of Expression Page. Also, many examples of the Censorship of our work are also found at FreedomJournal: Notes In Black History Page. Here you will find extensive and detailed information on Lorenzo (Hi-Jack) Ervin and the host of other international Censors. Here again we note that these people have openly tried to solicit other people to Censor the FreedomJournal. Thus, we have documented many of these infamous actions.

However, Ervin and Dr. "Baby-Killer" Brooks are not alone in an on-going campaign to Censor and Destroy the FreedomJournal. Chattanooga has produced some of the most devious people in the world of Censorship. For example a politician and a long time family friend attempted to defraud the company regarding books they received. Simply they took a number of books on consignment to sell to colleagues etc. and simply refused to pay for the books are return the books. The widow of Chief Cothran actually had to take these people to court to recover our property. Therefore in Chattanooga there is still an on-going organized effort to Censor the biography of Chief Cothran and the research produced by FreedomJournal Press.  FreedomJournal is also an Internet information and News source. The following are three examples of the organized and on-going efforts of persons and organizations in Chattanooga that continue to sponsor Censorship of the FreedomJournal.

1. African American Museum, Director Ms. Vilma ( Deceased) Fields. Ms. Fields as the Director of the Museum has historically Censored and Banned this writer. The Censorship was first noted as a local journalist, and then as the author of Big Ralph: Reflections of a Black Police Chief. Therefore, the African American Museum in Chattanooga denies the existence of a book concerning the life of the first Black Police Chief in Chattanooga. Also, Ms. Fields and her staff and other unknown parties have sought to harass the FreedomJournal through the Internet. It is also obvious that Ms. Fields and her staff have a hatred for the late Chief Cothran. We wonder why. However we do know that many criminals hated Chief Cothran.

An employee Lee (Crack-Head) Henderson was instructed by Ms. Fields to inquire about purchasing copies of Chief Cothran's biography to sell in the Museum book store. However, there was no real interest in purchasing any books. For some reason Ms. Fields and her staff just wanted to harass our company. They carried out the harassment by allegedly making valid business requests. They asked us to forward documents regarding our ordering procedures and prices. However, they had no intention of ever purchasing any books.

Also due to our efforts to document this effort of harassment and abuse Ms. Fields reacted. She solicited her son (Albert (SNigger) Fields to email our company numerous abusive notes in an attempt to justify their efforts of harassment and abuse. As of 15 October 2009 the African American Museum in Chattanooga still Censors anything written this writer and anyone connected with FreedomJournal Press.

2. The Chattanooga Video: Scheme

The following is a brief account and message from a man in Chattanooga. We consented to meet with this person and record the Video. However, we have not heard anything since the interview and Video was done.

Subj: Re: Psyche Publishing: FreedomJournal and Satire Date: 2/5/2001 11:05:27 AM Central Standard Time From:


Mr. Patton,

Thanks for responding so soon. I'm sorry it has taken me a few weeks to respond. I've been juggling my normal classes with my video project. Anyway, I would like to make your story the central point of my video. And I plan to play it off of a subjective account of the Battle of Chattanooga. I'm interested in your examinations of Chattanooga, Ralph's story and the story of you're publishing company.

My schedule is very flexible. I would like to interview you. I don't have questions. I'd prefer that you to decide what you want to talk about. As I said in my other e-mail this isn't a documentary as much as it is an experimental video so I'm open any ideas you may have for the video. I hope to hear from you soon.

-----Original Message-----

From: <> To: <>

Date: Friday, January 12, 2001 12:08 AM

Subject: Psyche Publishing and Satire

In a message dated 1/11/01 4:01:17 PM Central Standard Time, writes:

Greetings Brother Crisp:

Thank you for your interest in Psyche Publishing: FreedomJournal. We would be pleased to assist you with your work. Please advise.


Carl Patton, FreedomJournal

This person claimed to be a student a Chattanooga State Technical Community College. He also noted that he was in the Art Department. Incidentally Chattanooga State is an infamous place of sin and shame where this writer was formerly employed. Let the record show that by late fall of 1979 the President and staff of Chattanooga State along with various Political Power Brokers and racists economically lynched this writer. Thus I was illegally removed from my position as the Coordinator of Veterans Affairs because I supported the winning candidate in a local political campaign for Fire and Police Commissioner.

The President of Chattanooga (Dr. Branch a Signal Mountain racist, Signal Mountain was also the last home of Bryon DeLe Beckwith the man who murdered Medgar Evers) State supported the losing candidate. Also, the campaign manager of the loser was on staff at Chattanooga State. The record also shows that the losing candidate was supported by local criminals and gangsters that were heavily involved (under indictment) for drug dealing and gambling. Meanwhile the local Black Political Power Brokers also supported this candidate who was willing to pay them for support. Since this cadre of Sell-Out Blacks were disgruntled in defeat they made a further alliance with Racism to destroy an Independent Black man they could not control. These same elements of Tomism are still evident in Chattanooga.

3. Susan (I'm White & Liberal) Pennybacker: Mystery Writer

This person is a professor and writer of sorts. Although she does not reside in Chattanooga she claims to have family there. (We believe they live on Signal Mountain).We were contacted more than three years ago by this person requesting assistance with some research regarding the Scottsboro Boys. We had previously done research regarding this case and had in our possession several tapes that have the voice of a sister of the Scottsboro Boys who resided in Chattanooga.

Although we did not know Susan Pennybacker nor did we know who referred her (Although we do have some idea, and they are very bad) we consented to send her copies of the tapes for her research. We talked several times and she promised to assist in our efforts to expose our book to her colleagues in academia. However after Ms. Pennybacker received the tapes she vanished.

After three years she contacted us once again. This time she acted as a front person for the family that was the center of our research regarding the Scottsboro Boys. She made strange inquiries like "how is your health?" Would you be willing to turn over all your research documents etc. to the family that was involved in your initial research? Meanwhile, she noted that she has not used any of the material that she acquired earlier. And once again we have not heard from her. This was last Easter Sunday 2001.

Also Ms. Pennybacker was once again in Chattanooga when she called. She lives on the East Coast however when she comes to Chattanooga to visit she seems to have a need to call us and make strange requests. Therefore we feel for certain that Ms. Pennybacker is working for someone. Thus when she makes contact with us, she is inquiring for some other parties. These people we believe are people who are interested in Censoring our work.

Cont. Part 11: Why We (FreedomJournal) Don't Censor



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