Greetings Brethren, Friend or Foe:

No man tells the way of the Wind, nor does man set the course of the scribes. Truth has always been among us however mis-deeds, lies and falsehoods came later. Meanwhile the written Law brings inspiration and the Glory of Peace and Paradise for those that are obedient to the Creator. I see sunshine through the rain as I see Joy through the trials of being a Witness for Truth. Rocks can be pillows as the breath of life can be all satisfying as we thirst for the Word of Truth and Salvation.

Peace and Love,

Carl Patton writing for the FreedomJournal July 27, 2001 in the year of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


In the name of Jehovah God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.

This message is directed to the people that are interested in Truth. Thus we realize that the Marxists, Hatemongers, Atheists, Racists and Sycophants do not want Truth. These people and many others wallow and delight in falsehoods and lies. Some do not know while many others do. We bear witness that Pilate knew that Jesus Christ was innocent of all charges. However, he still refused to stand up for Truth. Thus to know Truth and still voice a falsehood is a great crime and the punishment is great.

Since the ignorant are beyond help and refuse help we appeal to those among us that have good sense and seek Truth. Therefore, we come to set the record straight on the Censorship of the FreedomJournal. The theories surrounding Censorship continue to develop. Therefore, there is a need to further define Censorship. The attempted destruction of the Righteous takes on innovative and very devious tactics. In the following articles we hope to expose many of these devious and ungodly measures of destruction.

Censorship is simply defined as a means and/or an apparatus meant to destroy. Thus, Censorship is the attempt to destroy the produced written work of an author. It is also a means to stop, halt and prevent future artistic expression of a writer or artist. Also, Censorship is seen in the attempt to physically and mentally stop, or impede the completion of a work identified by Censors already in progress.

However there are various factions that thrive on Censorship in this society. Therefore, the people that Censor the FreedomJournal are not usually just ignorant people. In most cases they have definite reasons for their attitude and attack on the First Amendment. They use different tactics in that they are motivated by specific philosophies and interests. Thus, we warn all of the people that use the word Censorship loosely especially in reference to the FreedomJournal.

Meanwhile we see that often some people are taken along for the ride. These people who evidently don't think for themselves allow their friends who are our enemies to persuade them to voice an interest in the Censorship of the FreedomJournal. This is a criminal offense and a violation of the First Amendment. This crime becomes a reality and an integral part of the Black Holocaust when these people are duped (tricked) into taking some action to promote our Censorship.

Now for the intelligent and unbiased person before you consider any form of Censorship you need to ask the question why? Yes why do so many people want to Censor the FreedomJournal? We know that they have good reason to be concerned about our writings. For the record the FreedomJournal has an expressed mission to critique all aspects of society that relate and interact with the Black communities in America, Africa and throughout the world. However, Black people in America, Africa and throughout the Diaspora have had a history of economic and political domination by Europeans.

The ongoing conflicts between Black people and other people have often involved the cooperation and in many cases covert conspiracies of certain people in the Black community. The FreedomJournal makes an on-going analysis of these conspiracies. Thus the collaboration between Black leaders with those that wish to exploit and destroy the Black community is a critical concern for the future existence of Black people. Now we want to make this point very clear. This is the reason we face Censorship by our Brethren. For the record those that holler Censorship of the FreedomJournal are enemies of the Black community. They want to Censor us because we are in the business of exposing all of the insidious and perfidious elements in the Black community.

The FreedomJournal is unbought, and unsold we do not bend to public opinion nor are we bound by special interest groups. God is our Judge and Jehovah God governs our work. Thus man does not tell us what to write or what to think. It is also for sure that we also are not regulated by material interest or profits. The lust for money and material possessions is what motivates most of our enemies and the mainstream press. Thus we do not abide by the measures of acceptance that is central to most writers. For example we do not believe that we should be hypocrites and prejudiced.

Therefore, we critique all aspects of our society. However, in this society an analysis of many problems in our communities and the community at-large is frowned on and not politically correct. Therefore, family values that devalue many of our moral laws is the norm. Black and Afro-Centric writers that note the confusion and mis- information involving the Hebrew people and Black people are noted as Anti-Semitic. A critique of Black leadership and Black Civil Rights organizations are also taboo unless the leadership is noted without any problems and always progressive. You are also forbidden to record the ungodly record of many Black Preachers as Hustlers and Missionaries of Satan. Hence the previously noted areas of discussion are politically incorrect unless you are an apologist for their behavior. However, there are various other groups that are involved in the campaign of Censorship.

Other groups that are not necessarily mainstream but have ties to the mainstream are the Hatemongers. Among the Hatemongers the list is dominated by those that hate because of race. Then come those that hate because of religion. Then there are those that hate because of politics. There are also hatemongers that hate particular groups for example there are police haters. Thus, if you do not carry a banner of hatred for certain people, you are Censored and Banned by the Hatemongers. The Hatemongers are usually composed of racists, and atheists. Meanwhile, who are the people in the vanguard of this Censorship?

Often many of the Censorship groups over-lap but there are many distinguishing features. The Cultural Nationalists are often racist and Dog-Matic like their Marxist's counter-parts. The Apostates are filled with self-hatred. They also overlap with the Hatemongers and are seen in all groups that seek to Censor the FreedomJournal.

So we advise you to look closely at those who attempt to Censor us and those who go around trying to get other people to Censor the FreedomJournal. Always ask the question why? Why are certain people so concerned about the FreedomJournal as messengers of Truth? The obvious reason is they must be lying about something. Thus, if the FreedomJournal continues a mission of Truth they will be exposed. In this case we note that many of the False Prophets in the Church and for example the  charlatan element within the Civil Rights ranks would be out of a job and could not continue to get paid if more people paid attention to our work.

So our major concern is to reveal to the reader the utter hypocrisy in those that seek to Censor the FreedomJournal. They do have a reason but is the reason valid? Ask yourself and ask the potential Censors Why? You will get a lot of vague responses and if they feel comfortable with you they will actually state their honest reasons for Censorship. It is for sure that the Preachers do not want the FreedomJournal to inform people that they are lying on God. Thus they solicit other people to Censor our work and try to destroy what we have written.

What will you believe? A Fool will believe a lie. An even bigger Fool will tell himself that a lie is Truth.

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