My Beloved Young Brother:

You make a good argument for your Positive Claims for Christian Rap. However, I will respond to your notions of Worldly Rap as Christian with several questions.

I preface these questions with your statement that you are winning souls for Christ. So if you are winning souls for Christ you must try to be Christ like as much as possible.

1. Thus do you also teach and preach about the ungodly body piercing (earrings, nose rings, tongue rings etc. and tattooing)?

2. Do you teach and preach about the Causal clothing styles worn by most Rappers and the wearing of Baseball Caps backwards, sideways and every way but the right way is not pleasing to God?

3. Do you teach and preach about the historical reasons for the negative attitudes of our youth?

4. Do you preach and teach about the disdain for authority among many of the youth of today?

5. Do you preach and teach that tithing is a Con-Game practice by most Preachers?

6. Do you preach and teach that most if not all TV Ministries are ungodly and Hell-Bent?

7. Do you preach and teach that most Preachers lie and refuse to follow the Bible and God?

8. Do you preach and teach about the ills of Christianity created by man?

My Brother if you answer yes to the majority of these questions we can talk. If not I again advise you to read and study the Bible. The things you speak about are not supported by scripture.

Also, on a final note sine you are a Minister. Are you clear on what God expects of you? Thus do you also know what God has recorded will happen to False Prophets and those that mislead His people? We also bring to your attention your choice of a Screen Name. Are we to note that you are some how trying to relate Christ with a Thug? If so my Brother you are very confused. Again we inform you: Just because we have all kinds of Fools running around that are rich and famous blaspheming God does not make it right.

You cannot use God and Christ with Gangsters and Thugs. This is a clear abomination. Please pray to God to show you what the world is and what is of God.

Peace and Love,

Carl Patton, FreedomJournal


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