Greetings Brethren,

We bear witness that those that have taken on the responsibility to Preach and Teach the Word of God Beware. As the multitude of Church Leaders turn a defy ear to Truth the Great Seas, Winds, Rains are angry, saddened and in prayer for the Lost.

Peace and Love,

Carl Patton writing for the FreedomJournal as willed by the Creator this March 19, 2002 in the year of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.



In the name of Jehovah God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.

Greetings Brethren,

As servants of our Father who has sent Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior blessed by the guidance of the Holy Spirit we come today. Our hearts weigh a heavy burden as we consistently see the utter disdain for the Truth of God in the Church. We are deeply saddened by the obvious refusal of the Church leaders to speak out about these crimes. We remind you that the Bible is clear testimony of the Great Prophets and Apostles boldly carrying the word of God to the masses.

Thus they stood for God and offered themselves up for sacrifice without fear or favor. Hence the God inspired Messengers of God realized that God is only to be feared not man. Nor do the truly Called by God fear the loss of money, prestige or popularity among the heathens of the world. We thank God for the Spirit of the Holy Ghost that leads and guides us. This blessing among believers has come before, now, and will truly guide us in the future. Thus, as we follow the Spirit, we come recording a thought on Music in the church and church Music outside the church. As always many topics on religion and Christianity are never developed at the inception of the Call to testify and record the message. Thus we pray that we will follow God and go wherever He who can keep us falling will send us.

(What of the Blasphemy as seen in the Gospel Music Awards Shows? Are there any real Gospel singers left that the sing for God and not money? Is there a Truck-Load of Hell-Bound people that taint Spiritual music with the world? DID DIM-WITTED DEVILISH PREACHERS AND CHURCH LEADERS ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN?)

We will begin with an attempt to set the tone and stage for this message. During the days recorded as the last days of humankind the Prophecies handed down by the Great Prophets as inspired by God unfold. Thus, the contemporary Church house has been defiled by many things of a sin-sick world. Thus, secular Music has invaded the Church. Here we see the attempt to take Devil Music and turn it into something that God would be pleased with.
How did this happen? The love of Money is the Root cause of this evil. No matter what young people say and the Foolish Old Folk that thrive and profit off this Crime say, Money is the Cause.

So if Money is the cause of this evil, is God, the Church and so-called Church Music a means to make profits? No!!! God is not for sell. Nor is God's message for sale. Those that sell the Word of God in the form of tapes, videos etc. commit a Crime against God and the Church.

Meanwhile as we develop our thoughts on this subject we bring several questions up for review:

1. Should those that sing Spiritual music in and outside the church be saved? For example is there a Word (in the Bible) for singing God's praises among the believers and the righteous.

2. Should musicians that play Spiritual music in the church and outside the church be saved? Is there a distinction among the Godly and the ungodly that play Spiritual music? Who determines and/or examines the quality of music among the saved and unsaved?

3. Are musical producers, record companies etc. motivated by their belief in God or money? So then my brother are those that defy and defile God's Word, music missionaries of Satan the infamous Devil?

4. Is there a multitude of people that just don't know? Know What? Know that you don't perform, sing, play etc. Spiritual music like secular music. Nor do you wear ball caps, in the church backwards, sideways are any ways. Nor do males flirt with feminist Sodom & Gomorrah characterized by ear-rings in the church.

5. Who should tell the multitude of musicians, singers etc. in the Rap, Hip-Hop Cultures? Should Preachers be first in line to teach and preach about Rap and Hip-Hop as of the world and not of God? Who are the criminals that attempt to sing and play Spiritual music not of God?

6. Is it true that the reason we have so many sin-sick people that defile the church daily is because most (99%?) of the so-called Preachers and Church leaders are Called by Satan? Would they work as hard for God who is the essence of Love and Salvation?

7. Are there parallels between Rap Gospel and the music of the world? Should Hip-Hop Spiritualists dress, dance and act like the Gangster Rappers? This reminds us: Do these Foolish young people and Dumb adults think God is pleased with the word Gangster being used with Jesus Christ and things Godly?

We also see a great need to explore questions relating to emotions and the distinct Spiritual emotion. What is the Holy Ghost? Does the Holy Ghost abound in Hip-Hop? What are the distinctions of Spiritual emotion and the emotions that stems from Rap, Hip-Hop, Rhythm and Blues, Soul and all that Jazz?

Can you dance in the Spirit and also dance with the feeling? Are Black people unique in the way they worship God? With One God are there many things in common among the Believers?

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