In the name of God, Master of the universe, the Ruler of the earth.

We bear witness to the one and only God, Jehovah, Yahweh and his son our Savior Lord Jesus Christ. We pray that those that read these words will become enlightened and come to realize the existence of the Creator and His ultimate power. We also recognize our duty as a messenger of the Creator to speak to a very important question. We pray for the guidance of Almighty God and for the blessings of wisdom and understanding of the Word of God. Because without this understanding, our efforts will be for naught.

A friend and Brother recently informed me of a very important post on one of the popular Message Boards on the Internet. The post appeared on Black Voices and the title notes that Christianity stifled the Black Liberation Struggle. Mr. Mann a very astute Brother posted this message that has raised a great deal of concern on the Board and has motivated many of us to continue to pursue answers as to the plight of Black America.

The following Notes in Black History are not necessarily a rebuttal but a further statement in regard to what Mr. Mann set out to do with this article. But, in our case, Psyche Publishing will look at this question from various points of view. These views will include Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Black Liberation philosophy.

As a preface we do not intend to ridicule or make unconstructive criticisms about any religion. Other religions are not the cause for the conflict of Christianity with Black Liberation. For the record Christianity has no problems. Man who claims to embrace Christianity has the problems. Many of those that claim to be Christians are racist, Uncle Toms, false prophets and charlatans of the highest order. God does not condone the hustling game in the church. The lost souls that play con in the church as healers, fortune tellers and pimps will meet an eternal death that man cannot comprehend.

One should respect the beliefs of other people, regardless as to whether we agree or disagree. The most important question is, is the person sincere? I respect my enemies, if they truly believe in what they believe. Since I have strong beliefs I know and understand what motivates believers in any cause. For the record many people do not believe in anything. For example sincere and principled thought is long standing and consistent. Frivolous thought is ever changing and indecisive. Many times this thought is based on material things like money. Thus, many people are paid to think and do anything or nothing. But the serious and principled person cannot be bought. The Bible notes the blessings that will be bestowed upon the righteous. Those that survive the storm of the sins of man and the devil will have everlasting life. Are you willing to serve God and suffer the trials and tribulations of a believer in a world so set with the ways of Satan and evil?

As we return to the preface statements on respect, we come with a heart of Thanksgiving and compassion for all of mankind. We do not come to bash, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Catholicism, Jehovah Witnesses, African religions or any other religion. The believers find information in the Bible, the Torah, the Koran, the Jerusalem Bible, and the African Book of the Dead and various other Holy books on the religions of the world.

Christians believe in Christ. Other religions do not believe in Christ. It is clear that Christians believe that the way to the Father is through Christ and this is the way to the Peace and Paradise. We also know for example that Muslims and Jews do not believe in Christ. But, devout Muslims and Jews believe in God. If they are incorrect in this belief, God will be the Judge. Thus, man takes away from his tribute to God by denouncing other religions and claiming his religion is the only way to Peace and Paradise. Rest assured that God knows. Thus, there will be condemnations and blessings from God. This will come at the Day of Judgment by Almighty God and not man. Surely man has no power except what God has gifted him with.

For the sake of organization and for clarity this review of Christianity and Black Liberation will review various questions:

1. What are the origins of man?

The review of this question will reveal the Biblical origins of man and the scientific origins of man. For the record many Biblical scholars and anthropologists have come to realize the conformity of science and the Bible.

2. Where was Christianity established?

This question will also review the origins of Judaism and Islam.

3. Where were Blacks introduced to Christianity?

The historical development of any phenomenon is a very important aspect in determining who, what and where of a particular subject.

4. What was....? Is the impact of Christianity on Blacks in America?

What did slavery have to do with the attitude of Blacks and Christianity?

5. How has false teachings, false prophets affected Christianity?

To review this question we will take a detailed look at independent thinking.

6. Did the advocates of Black Power (Black Revolutionaries), Marxist-Leninism, Black Nationalism and Cultural Nationalism become confused about Christianity?

Finally we will review what may prove to be the most significant question affecting Christianity in the Black community.

7. Is the confusion of the Black church and the Black preacher the most significant problem of Christianity for Black people?

The false teachings in the church and the false prophets are the most critical problems impacting on Christianity today. The hell bent preachers are following Satan and not God. These charlatans, rogues and scoundrels bear much of the blame for the confusion of the church. Thus, these opportunists have helped racists to use Christianity to defeat many aspects of the Black Liberation struggle. I pray that a new day is approaching. This new day will replace these false prophets with real men of God. The book tells us so. Let it be written that these things will come to past.

Genesis notes the Creation of man. What do the scientists say about the origin of man?


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