God brought the Light of the world. This same God beholds all that exist. As this Light extends from the Beginning, God also sees the End. Man will only prevail in the Truth, wisdom, and knowledge of God.


Carl A. Patton, FreedomJournal


(The Need To Know God)

By Carl A. Patton

In the name of God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.

Writers Note: One of the leading scribes who has fervently written about the conflict in the Horn of Africa has asked the FreedomJournal to record a statement on the crisis. There are many and varied reports related to the struggle between Ethiopia and Eritrea noted daily. Nevertheless, there is much to learn from revelations noted in the scriptures. Also we note that we are writing from a Black American perspective outside the Horn of Africa.

The ungodly hostilities in the Horn of Africa are a prominent example of the results of economic exploitation. This conflict is even more tragic because the people that seek to destroy each other are Brothers. Thus we come to warn the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea that they must reach an accord, and they must seek harmony. Therefore this bloody exchange must end and peace should come to the region.

The conflict between Eritrea and Ethiopia is rooted in the historical development of Imperialism and Colonialism. The historical record of humanity often paints a picture of war and suffering as a result of Imperialism and Colonialism. The exploitation of humans and natural resources often devastate a country and land. Thus leaving the land and its people confused, bitter, and selfish.

Meanwhile their sense of kinship and unity is destroyed and since the real enemy is not nearby they wage civil wars or war of aggression against their neighbors. Eritrea has had a long history of Colonization. There was a displacement of the Nilotic people by the Hamitic people early in the history of Eritrea. Between 1000 and 400 B.C. peaceful colonizers came across the Red Sea. However, other colonizers came as conquerors. By 300 A.D. most of Eritrea and Tigray formed the Christian Axumite Empire.

Islam affected the region by 640 A.D. The emergence of Islam and the coming of the Ottoman Turks greatly affected the region. After more than three hundred years of Turkish hegemony Egypt made a bid to succeed the Ottoman Turks as the regional power. The British came to help the Turks. Meanwhile, the British coalition with Egypt rested on the attempt to keep the French out of the region.

"Eritrean people's sense of entrapment and isolation, as succeeding colonial powers either encircled them or occupied their land, lies at the root of Eritrean nationalism and a fierce spirit of independence. It is not a new phenomenon, it has its history in the struggle of the Eritrean people against repeated attempts to overthrow alien rule." (Bereket Habte Selassie, "Conflict and Intervention in The Horn of Africa," p. 51).

The successive attempts to colonize the Eritrean people have produced a long and protracted struggle for self identity. The two significant outside forces were the Italians and the British. Italian colonial rule lasted from 1889-1941. The Italians were not successful in their attempts to colonize Ethiopia but the Ethiopians recognized the colonial rule of Eritrea. Professor Selassie argues:

"Two different imperial territories now existed side by side, or governed by an African imperial power, the other by white European colonial power."

As the hostilities and the factions associated with WW II developed the British reached an agreement with Eritrea. They promised to help the Eritrean people win self-determination. However they lied and the area suffered from the colonization by the British from 1941-1952.

Nevertheless, the British did allow for certain measures of Free Speech to support their interest in the exploitation of the region. These facts sowed the seeds for the growing resistance movements. Thus, the Eritrean move for independence became entrenched in various political movements. This set the stage for the imperialism from within.

Meanwhile, with the end of British colonialism in 1952, Eritrea became federated with Ethiopia. This Federation resulted from a U.N. resolution sponsored by the U.S. Since then, self-determination by the Eritrean people has been a national reaction to the attempted domination by their Ethiopian Brothers.

As we pray and note the need for Brotherhood among the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea we turn to the Bible. God is in the midst of all that exist on the planet earth. However, the call to God must be made by someone with a relationship with God.

As we look to the Bible for comfort, strength and direction, we turn to the book of Isaiah. The Book of Isaiah makes a dramatic shift with the 40th chapter. Here we see God telling the prophet Isaiah to speak words of comfort. Isaiah also foretells of the coming of the Suffering Servant, Jesus Christ. Sometimes the only comfort we have is in the knowledge that someday we will be with God. Only in God's eternal Word will we find lasting solutions to our problems.

Isaiah 40: 30-31

"Even the youth, shall faint and be weary, and the young he shall utterly fall."

"But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength: they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint."

There is but one important difference between a Prophet and a Historian. The Prophet records a fact before it happens, the Historian after it happens. If God inspires both, they are equally authentic since God understands the future and the past.

Isaiah 46: 10

"Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, my counsel shall stand, and I will do my pleasure."

God can see into the future. Thus Almighty God can plan for the future and for what He thinks is best. The Word of God reveals that His plans for the future will be brought to pass despite the enemies of God.

Finally in Acts 5: 39 in the New Testament we see that the Word of God will stand against all that seek its destruction. Our stay on the planet earth is a brief one. However the scribes have noted that wrong will never will over Right and the Godly.

Peace and Paradise,

Carl A. Patton writing for the FreedomJournal June 12, 2000 all rights reserved.


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