In the name of God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.

We bear witness that Almighty God has dominion over all that exists and all that has existed, thus power over all that walk and crawl the earth.

We greet you in the essence of Peace and Paradise realizing that man has no power except that given by the Creator. We come also realizing that many that walk the planet earth have confusion about the Supreme Power that rules all that exists. Thus, we come respecting the beliefs of our brethren; we trust also that they will respect our beliefs.

Let it be written that Christianity in itself is not corrupt. The recorded history of man reveals that man has corrupted not only Christianity but all of the religions of the world. Thus all that have embraced religions are not faithful, sincere are seek to be God like. Therefore, it is not a particular religion that is useless, but the hypocrites who cry out blasphemy within the Churches, the Mosques, and Synagogues of the world.

The FreedomJournal was born out of rejection, censorship, and the attempt by evil in society to deny us our God given right to Free Speech. We are a contemporary Free Black Press. The record shows that Free, un-bought un-sold free media sources have been very rare in the Black community. Most newspapers, and/or forms of media in the Black community historically have been tools of oppression. Thus the media in the Black community have in most cases promoted mis-education and the goals and aspirations of the various traitors throughout the Black community.

We exist because the Black and oppressed people of the world need a voice. We are a voice that seeks not to apologize but bring up for review any problem and/or concern of Black and oppressed people throughout the world. Neither the mainstream White media nor the Uncle Tom Black media sources report and/or analyze news from a Black perspective. News reports and/or concerns that affect Black people in America, Africa and throughout the Diaspora reported from a White perspective have a limited utility and relevance to Black and oppressed people.

One of the gravest concerns the Free Black Press is confronted with is ignorance. Many foolish Blacks are ignorant and also there is often extreme ignorance among the racists in the White community. Ignorance as you know is a lack of knowledge for various reasons. Thus, when logic is used to defeat ignorance we see the following: When intelligent people become exposed to knowledge and Truth they move from a state of ignorance. Sadly though many Black people have been so thoroughly brain-washed and mis-educated that they are" Locked on Stupid." We are not surprised at White stupidity and helpless racism. But the Negroes in the Black community who think that knowledge of one's history is criminal and beating a dead horse are sad indeed. As these Uncle Toms redefine Stupidity, they attack those in the Black community that seek to enlighten the Black community and the people throughout the world of the many mis-conceptions and false assumptions about the history of Black people. Those in the Black community and the people of the world that do not accept the fact that there has been a planned and scientific attempt to erase, destroy and distort the history of Black people are in a "New Class of Stupidity and Evil." For this "New Class of Stupidity," there is very little hope. Ignorance can be moved but Stupidity is often permanent.

As we attempt to fulfill our responsibility to those rejected by society, we are also rejected. Yes, we are rejected by those that seek to oppress the Black and poor people of the world. Tragically those that stand in the need of help also often reject our efforts. Thus, our task is often what some would call lonely and filled with disappointments.

To be forsaken by the world is part of the job of a Truth seeker. Therefore, we are never lonely nor are we disappointed. The ungodly actions of man come as no surprise. We bear witness to the fact that, "We find joy and peace in rejection." The scriptures have recorded to us that those of righteousness that seek the Truth of God will be rejected by the world. Therefore the trials and tribulations that we face give us strength because each obstacle is further indication of our mission of Truth. Thus we believe that full acceptance by the world is an indication of our distrust of God. The acceptance by the world thus destroys peace and causes and alliance with Satan and evil.

The world is a place of confusion, jealously and hate. Theories, philosophies, world views, thoughts, and opinions abound. Thus one can delve into long and extensive complex discussions and discourses on why man is, what he is. We often write about particular concerns to bring clarity to various questions and concerns. Thus, the written word is very important in impressing on mankind facts of life related to our existence on the planet earth. But, the actions, motivations, the politics etc. of man can be simply defined. We believe for certain that this simple explanation rests in the choice of Good or Evil.

Our pillar of strength rests in our choice of Good. The word of God gives us strength to endure all adversities. All people that confront problems need a source of strength. Thus, we believe in a Supreme Power as our source of strength. Therefore we do not believe that we have any great power. We do not believe that many of the circumstances we face in life results from our human in flesh efforts. Since we do not classify ourselves as Fools we will never give up or source of strength.

We declare our mission of Peace. We also declare that many are confused by Peace. Let's look at the phrase "War and Peace." The phrase begins with War with Peace following. Peace is the objective of War, even though there are instances when one had Peace and was thrust into War. As we bring more clarity to this phrase, we maintain that the logical conclusion of War is Peace. Those that cannot define Peace are do not want Peace have lost sight of reality and the natural order of the world.

Peace therefore is reflective of the natural order of society. Any rejection to Peace is a rejection of life itself and the acceptance of evil and what is not good. The knowledge of the Creator will render one Peace. Those that do not know a Supreme Power have problems defining Peace. We seek mercy for those that are blind. Thus, the false friendships of the blind will render only grief for the backwardness of man is ungodly. The New Millennium will bring change in many that walk and crawl the planet earth. So will more joy and Peace come to the rejected and the despised?


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