The Resistance To Change

Knowledge has confronted Truth since the beginning of time. Hence, Knowledge has confronted Truth on many levels. Also, in many instances the Confrontation of Truth and Knowledge was not even identified. Thus, in order to bring this question up for review knowledge and Truth need to be re-defined. Knowledge and Truth can be simply defined but in order to realize the ongoing Confrontation of Truth and Knowledge one must take the definitive qualities of both terms to another level.

The definitive qualities of Knowledge and Truth must be taken to another level because in so doing we are able to grasp what is called the greatest level (the high road) of Knowledge and Truth. What is Knowledge? Knowledge is all that is known, or what can be learned, the sum of what is known. It is also what one understands about facts, general Truths and principles. So if Knowledge is fact, then Knowledge can be explained in a scientific sense.

Also by taking these facts and making an analysis, we reach a higher level of understanding and Knowledge. Thus some scientists feel that all things if they are truly, knowledge can be explained. Therefore they believe that phenomenon that cannot be explained is not Knowledge and surely not Truth.

Since many factors in the spiritual realm of religion and God cannot be scientifically explained many scientists are non believers and atheists. Even though some of the most brilliant thinkers take this position they have limited their data base and lowered their intellectual power. To the true scientist and philosopher more can be explained about religion than many scholars care to admit.

First of all God and religion must have some relationship with Knowledge and Truth. Yes, God has a definite relationship with Knowledge and most especially Truth because the writings of many of the world's greatest thinkers have noted the relationship of Knowledge and God. But the atheist and nonbelievers can arrive at a particular level of Knowledge. In the physical sciences most sciences have come to conclude certain exact conclusions such as one plus one equals two. The Social Sciences are different. These sciences govern the total interactions of humanity and questions and concern can in many instances be held up for endless debate.

Endless debate can eventually result in no clear answer or conclusion but a combination of thoughts and scenarios. So it is a challenge for great thinkers to seek to answer the unanswerable and take Knowledge and Truth to its highest level. The highest level of Truth will not only evade the atheist but also the mere scholar and philosopher. To be blessed with intellectual skill and Knowledge is not the sole criterion for reaching the ultimate level of knowledge, Truth, Wisdom and understanding.

The ultimate level of Truth, Knowledge and understanding is realized in the spiritual scientists. In so doing the spiritual scientist is best able to capture the clearest existence of Truth. Therefore, what is Truth? Truth is that which is in accordance with the fact or facts. Proven doctrine; a verified hypothesis, a basic scientific Truth. Then can Truth be greater than Knowledge? Truth can be a higher level of Knowledge because it can encompass the unknown. But how can the unknown be known? The highest level of Truth and Knowledge is found in the spiritual realm. Without this realm of thinking and power, Truth and Knowledge are limited.

The spiritual realm guides the writer's analysis to the highest level of Knowledge. How do you reach this realm of great Knowledge? The chosen few that are able to reach this realm of great power and Knowledge are of great character. This great character maintains compassion and love for mankind. Unprejudiced in thought and actions and a willful but unbiased pen that is committed to Truth. On-going study and the establishment of a broad data base over time is also important. The character range of this spiritual scientist also identifies strong principles, values, integrity and perseverance and the will to sacrifice at all costs. But these writers’ strongest attributes are faith and belief in the ultimate power of Almighty God.

Those that are destined to carry out the divine will of God yield to the greatest power that man can witness. To witness the power of God is the conclusive and confirming indication that the ultimate Truth comes from God. Now the unknown become known because you know that this power exists but you cannot totally explain it. It is not meant for you to totally explain, this power is a vehicle for you to answer more important questions as they apply to mortal man.

Therefore, this power is beyond the total comprehension and scrutiny of mortal man. But there is clear evidence it does exist. Blessed are those that Almighty God will afford to reach the ultimate level of Truth. May their commitment and faith allow them to continue to be responsible, because no power known to man is greater.


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