Greetings Brethren:

We have a policy to not get involved in debates with Atheists, Hatemongerís, and those blinded by Satan. At first we thought that you wanted legitimate answers. However by your statement that Jesus is God we note that you are sent by Satan are have been blinded by Satanic wickedness.

We also note that anybody that claims to Love God and know God will be willing to identify themselves. How can you speak for God and not have Faith to let yourself be known to the people that you want to read your comments?

Since you are distorting the Bible and Scriptures we well know why you don't want us to know who you are. We advise you to read the Bible and ask God to show you Truth. However, you are not alone. Many so-called Christians do not understand the Trinity.

Therefore, we will not entertain any more questions on this subject. This is just a foul and wicked as the African Traditional Religions worshiping idols and claiming that the Sun is god. Jesus Christ is the son of God. God is the Father so how can His Son also be who He is.

We will keep you in prayer. Please don't send us anymore of your blasphemy. We don't believe in Censorship but we will not post any messages from Satan's Helpers that want to distort the Bible. We had planned to offer you additional explanation regarding your questions. However, we now believe that you have a one-track mind.

We also believe that you are not just a confused Christian. We believe that you are a Messenger of Dissension and Evil sent by Satan to further attempt to confuse the Lost. You are another reason that we believe that there is a need for a New Christian Church. The knowledge of God is the beginning of Wisdom. However the belief that Jesus is God is the way of a Fool.


Carl Patton, FreedomJournal

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