Peace and Paradise,

Mr. Moore has once again noted his disapproval of Black people making an analysis of problems in the Black community. Thus as a preface to the brief statements of the FreedomJournal we have identified that Mr. Lance Moore is a racist so-called Christian. He also has refused dialogue with other concerned White people who have an interest in what motivates White racism. Therefore from our analysis Lance Moore is reactionary and is only interested confusion and Dis-Unity in the Black community.

At first we thought about reaching into our New Journalism bag and call Lance Moore names like Political Correct Cracker, Hitler's Step Child, Intellectual Moron, and Midget Brain. However our time is valuable so we noted the following reality. Lance Moore is a crazy White Boy who suffers from the illusions of White Intellectual (everything) Superiority. For the record the White racists that share the illusion of White Intellectual Superiority have only a recent recollection of the history of man. He has been to England only recently while the Black man has seen the sun in Egypt, Ethiopia and South and West Africa for thousands of years.

We also note that Lance Moore has a world view that is highly regarded at Vanderbilt, Ole Miss, Harvard and Stanford. Lance Moore types have also infiltrated many Black Colleges and Universities, this accounts for the foolish Blacks that share his views.

The FreedomJournal will not respond to the varied analyses Moore seeks to make from the Bible. However, our concerns are:

1. The racists attack on the efforts of solidarity and Unity within the Black community.

2. The foolish attempt by White racists to make the correct analysis of the Black Experience.

3. The White Supremacists interpretation of Christianity.

On the first point there is merit in Lance Moore's comments because he makes a classic attack on our efforts to rid our communities of dissension, oppression and Dis-Unity. Therefore as a point of information we realize that so-called Christians, Black or White will try to use Lance Moore's assessment of the FreedomJournal to keep us divided. The FreedomJournal will let God decide who will get into the Kingdom. Meanwhile, we need to come together to keep racists like Lance Moore from further enslaving us.

The second point is summed up as follows. White people are not capable of making the correct analysis of Black Christianity or anything else in the Black community. The Black man or woman who looks for direction from a White perspective is a fool, Uncle Tom or one that is more than lost.

The third point is related to point 2. White people have interpreted Christianity historically in a racists and biased fashion. Why should Black people rely on so-called White Christians to tell us about God? The White presence and knowledge God is most recent while Black people have known God for ages.

Do White people sing like our ancestors who embraced God out of the oppression and In- Humanity of Slavery? Do they pray like our ancestors and our Brothers and Sisters in the Black Church of today? I don't think so. So why should, we listen to Lance Moore who has shown signs of White paternalism and the wish for Black people to be Uncle Toms and Lackeys.

However, we are very pleased that Lance is still in school. We trust that he will gain from his educational experiences. Lance you will gain from your studies if you are open to information and knowledge from all cultures. Also, you will gain considerable information about the Black Experience if you read and study the various posts made by the FreedomJournal and our enlightened readers. Much of this information has been left out of the history books. Thus, you will find more knowledge about the Black Experience through the FreedomJournal and the various Afro-Centric Lists than in most Colleges and Universities. Of course Lance you must be humble and not think that you already have all the information and knowledge and We, Black people, are waiting on You to be so kind to give it to us.


Carl A. Patton, FreedomJournal 2000.

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