Christians see Human Beings Not Black or White

My Beloved Sister,


Peace be unto you. Yes I am a Black man. I am Black and also not African-American. For the sake of answering your question there is a distinction between racial groups in America and throughout the world. No one in any particular race made this distinction. However there is a legacy of racism that still exits and this legacy has been mostly inspired by White people that take on racial superiority.


Meanwhile as a Black journalist/writer/author/researcher I have an expressed mission to look at questions in the Church and the Bible. The record shows that Black people the ancestors of slaves in America were shut out of the educational process and most other institutions that offered equal access to their White counter-parts. Therefore our history etc. has been tainted by not only White people but by many other Black people. Therefore we have not reached a Utopia yet whereby we cannot see are feel race. Thus responsible Black writers have a direct responsibility to record things from a Black perspective as this perspective is often over looked by mainstream media. Blacks have a right to news and information that relates to them and their interests.


For the record Christian believers do not see color but another human being. However this does not mean that a person if they are a historian will omit race when making an analysis are report about a historical occurrence. For example it would be very difficult and without any merit at all to leave out making the distinction between Black and White people when one writes about slavery. Thus as we go on with the historical record in America there is still the need to note this distinction. I remind you noting this does not in any way mean one is less of a brother are a sister to those that are Christians.


Finally I believe your basic concern is how can believers be motivated by race? There are many Christians (so-called) Black and White that have racial feelings of disrespect for other people. This is not of God. We do not have those feelings. We look first upon a human being. He becomes White are Black by his actions.


Peace and Love, Carl A. Patton writing for the FreedomJournal 17 June 2008 in the year of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.


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