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Carl A. Patton, FreedomJournal Press



(Stewart’s Creek 3-17-09 by Carl A. Patton)



Blessed my beloved I am able to see

another day seen throughout the land

in sunshine. The rain fell yesterday and

the day before. The Creek told of the

fallen rain as the water talked loud as

it rushed by.


This day as I also gazed at the many

clouds that crowded the colorful sky

I thought of energy and where it came

from. Dr. E. loomed in the back of my

mind and so did his”Spooky Action,” in

a distance.


Could the Spiritual Scientists truly unlock

the mysteries of E=mc˛? What does the Bible

tell us? We pray as we take notes in poetry

that the Spirit will lead and guide us to the

answers as there is much still unspoken by

E=mc˛ and life.


Meanwhile every day I liveth among the lost

and the living is a blessed day especially to those

that know who controls all the energy that is seen

or heard. By now I paused for your thought and

and mediation to listen in on “Truth” and



They were deeply engrossed in a discussion

of important things to come to pass. Thus

Truth said, “FreedomJournal will you seek to

simply E=mc˛ so the masses can understand

the basic principles of this equation?” Freedom-

Journal responded, “Yes we will Truth.”


“As we pray to forever walk in the Spirit we

trust and have faith that we will see these things.”

Truth now paused as he was moved to pose his

next question that he believed to be a great

challenge. Truth then said, “FreedomJournal since

all things are found in the Bible will you offer us,


A Biblical perspective on these concerns?” Freedom-

Journal very excited now responds, “Truth we are so

pleased you asked that question. As you know

staying with God is a great challenge however it is a

joyful challenge as old becomes new and new becomes



We believe that there is much to gain from the perspective

of the Spiritual Scientist on energy as all things come

from God. So blue cloudy skies are energy so is the rain

and all things of the Creation. But how do they relate?

Will Spiritual Science offer us answers to a mystery that

many believe is already counted?




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