(11 March 2008 by Carl A. Patton)


Will you, will we pity those that

foolishly seek to stifle the growth

of civilization and kill the Arts and the

artists? Are they then heartless thieves.


Meanwhile the Black Book Clubs

(Between The Lines) take review copies

of books that are just as good as sold

copies and never do we hear a review nor

do they answer any call for a report.


They never pay for these books nor

do they read? They claim to promote

reading thus they formed Book Clubs.

But how can one actually know how

to read and believe in burning pages

that they fail to understand?


Others hide out among the rotten

shrubbery of academic halls refusing

to jump start an already alcohol soaked

brain. They also claim to be instructors

of Black Studies.


They also took books and never paid

their dues by a review or any acknowledgement

yea or nay. They knew only to disagree to



Meanwhile many preachers received gifts

in books but they cried out and jumped up

and down and lied out of every corner of

their mouths that spoke for the

Devil and not for God.


These thieves and vagabonds

know not what they did as

they entered into the

Dumbing Down of America.




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