(25 March 2008 by Carl A. Patton)


Brethren there was a time when

Black folk just wanted equal

access, economic parity and the

right to vote.


Wait go back. There was a

time when these same folk

just wanted to be free.


This came and so did

citizenship and the right

to vote.


However this freedom, citizenship

and right to vote was legislated.

But some say the hearts and minds,


Of the Gate Keepers

still take their time in honoring

these laws.


But all along this way

Black folk reached out to



God blessed them just

as He did the children

of Israel.


But they were also disobedient.

They gradually took on various

idols like money, prestige

and I got mine you get yours.


The groups the leadership

that historically had some

firm principles and Godly

values faded.


Meanwhile, Satan beguiled

many Preachers with politically

correct isms. So was the,


Dogma of phobias. Thus

Truth took a holiday. Now the

most unprincipled are the rulers

are think they rule.


If you truly talk of God

you are an outcast and

you and Jesus are not,


Allowed in the Church.

Have Black folk been

led by goat herders,


To the left of the dung

pile? Should Black values

have parallels with White values?


The Godly then stood up.

They knew no color, race

are station in life.


They saw only another

human being. Because as

the Father taught love,


They loved all of humankind.

Meanwhile many fools were

in denial.


The Wind frowned and

the birds would not

refuse to sing.




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