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Part 9: The Trials Of The Truth Seekers


In the name of Almighty God, Master of the universe Ruler of all the earth


Greetings Brethren,


Peace be unto you. To the Church and believing Christians everywhere. To those that believe in the Bible as the supreme authority that governs all of humankind. In this we give thanks to God the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit that leads and guides us the straightway.


As the various Truth Seekers get in the way of falsehoods and misconceptions, distortions rule the day. Meanwhile, ignorance takes on another meaning for the learnt and they see Stupidity that has no end and often no hope for redemption. While the preachers enter into a pact with Satan and an ungodly liberal philosophy the militants and radicals never knew God. However, let it be written that there is a remnant among God’s people as He is the Creator. Therefore we steadily move toward the reality of Christian Nationalism no matter what the ungodly the lost and the often insane preach.


So as the sound of the guns ended as did the cannons roar of the battle of brother against brother the intellectual community again came alive to make some sense of what had happened. What was still happening and what was due to happen in the future.


For example, I was confused about the independence of Black leadership. Was there any independent leadership in Chattanooga, Tennessee elected or appointed? At this juncture I also speculated that most Black organizations (Civil Rights) also lacked independence. There are also economic and political realities but what comes first? Also how do these institutions impact on the Church?  Did the cycle of a Black controlled electorate begin during Reconstruction? Did it also regain an impetus of control in 1965?


Meanwhile why do many preachers justify their loyalty to goals of economic priorities and not saving souls?  Just what does the Black community the Human community need most? Love, money or pride? Will the love of God pay your bills? Will the love of God allow you to see God thus accepting His will? Will money and pride allow you salvation? What can we take with us when the breath leaves the body? Can you take love in the Spirit? If you take money and pride what can you do with it? (See “Fallen Letters: Mis-Education and Intellectual Confusion (Essays on the Black Experience) by Carl A. Patton, Part 6: Independence and The Challenge To Independence, p. 39).


Academic Freedoms To Lie (2-15-09)


Sadly the Truth Seeker of the Black Experience

is still denied academic freedoms and free speech

as I am a living and dying witness as I see God

and not man. Thus still in 2009 lies and falsehoods

stir the mix and come out dirty, but sweet to the nay-

sayers who love mis-education and Black on Black



On the doctoral level of study is where the forces of mis-education gear up their greatest energies. The efforts of control are very evident because there is a rigorous effort to make sure no one slips through the mis-education process that has not been thoroughly brainwashed. One of the primary elements of brainwashing involves an attitude that they (the student) will do anything for a PhD. This attitude can mean, become a whore, a debased demoralized person, bribe professors or do anything that will allow the prize of having a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) bestowed upon you.

But how can you understand the future without

knowledge of the past? Many made contributions

and many brethren died. Some sold out to the

highest bidder and some still sell their souls and the

souls of Black folk. Meanwhile, the preachers failed

as passive seekers of rights with a failed tolerant agenda.


Liberalism during the height of the Civil Rights Movement identified White people who were not racist. Liberals in 2009 mean people Black and White people and all other people regardless of color or ethnic origins who believe in the Anti-Christ. They do not believe in the God ordained union of man and woman. They believe that women should have the right to terminate the existence of an unborn child.  Do liberals uphold the First Amendment despite race, sex and religion? For example many so-called munificent liberals stand in line to Censor the writings of the FreedomJournal. If you offer a critique of the Civil Rights Movement as we (FreedomJournal) do will the dogmatic seekers of tolerance Censor your research? So are the generous in all things actually a contradiction? For example are the noble-minded leftists only interested in equality when you agree with their ungodly actions? For the record we are not advocating that all so-called Conservatives have an exclusive lock on good sense and respect for the First Amendment. Free Speech: Liberalism and Christianity


                                              If you do not preach for God, who do you preach for?

God is not liberal or conservative. However, God does

not teach tolerance of sin, but tolerance of people in

love. Thus will the move to Christian Nationalism

come from within are without? Where will the Christian

soldiers come from?

                                                                         God Looks At Liberalism



“There was once a man called to God in a Baptist Church. As he grew in the Spirit of Truth he saw great contradictions in the Inspired Doctrine noted in the Holy Book.  He was silenced (Censored and Banned just like the FreedomJournal). Meanwhile some even chased him out of the Church. He also left on his own accord as many aspects of the world were practiced and he couldn’t find a Godly man or woman. But he looked back. When he looked back he saw some that were sincerely striving to be Christians although blind. He also saw those now that stay (ed.) with the Book and were sound in Doctrine.  Does the Remnant fall among both?”

The Sojourn for Truth is often sad and lonely. However many things need to be seen before the record can be written. To search for Truth in all the wrong places offers a needed analysis of the wrong places. (See the Series of Epistles by Carl A. Patton, FreedomJournal Part 1: Introduction  WHERE IS THE REMNANT?

Have the radicals died having served their purpose?

When will the Muslims accept Christ? When will the

only unfilled prophecy in the Bible regarding the Jews

come to fruition? The seasons change, water still flows

in all the rivers and oceans of the world and the great

sea still rages in times of storms and rain.


Many days have come and gone. Meanwhile, the way of the world is blind to Truth. We bear witness that the ill-advised efforts to rebuke the mission of the Truth-Seeker is a blind submission to Satan. Our mission of Truth is based on faith, thus the nay sayers make a Hellish commentary as they record the sins of the multitudes. The thrones of deceit and lies are man-made and hollow. However we are blessed today as yesterday and on tomorrow we pray to continue to be filled with the Spirit of Truth. This Truth is a clear inspiration in times of great trouble.

I see a bright tomorrow radiant in an everlasting

Light. As I move walk and talk in the Spirit I am

blessed. I praise and thank Almighty God for

sparing me to still talk and write about things

past that I have seen and see as reality. But what

will the next day the tomorrow bring?

                                                               Just What Is Tolerance  Liberal Freedom of Speech

As humble servants of Jehovah God we are inspired to reflect on a Day that all that live and have lived will see. Although there are many things about scripture and the religious experience we do not know. This we do know.
All that have passed will be summoned from the grave. If some liveth they also will be called to the universal and eternal courtroom. Realizing that this day is the destiny of all humankind has caused many to embrace the Word. But many have not. Meanwhile, the gift of salvation is at the end of the race
. But the truth of God allows peace through the storms of life and the ability to understand the ways of the lost and foolish. The present climatic world landscape hails a note to the wise. In the Gospel of Matthew 25: 31-46 we find inspiration for the faithful and great Prophecy. Read beloved and receive a blessing.

Part 10: Origins & Genesis of the FreedomJournal


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