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Part 7: The Black Middle-Class, No Peace: Mocking The Blues


In the name of Almighty God, Master of the universe Ruler of all the earth


Greetings Brethren,


Peace be unto you. To the Church and believing Christians everywhere. To those that believe in the Bible as the supreme authority that governs all of humankind. In this we give thanks to God the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit that leads and guides us the straightway.


As the Spirit of Peace moved faltering in the dull sun a new day and dawning of love was alluded to. But new gains were seen in those middle as the top was totally detached from things Black and the community that needed to be revitalized. So as Black became beautiful many things Black were frowned on and represented not our history but things of shame. Blacks confused with hate and self-genocide saw the ugly head of discrimination among those that had a history of discrimination based on economics and race.


In most instances in society the middle class is a positive move up the economic ladder. But in many Black communities the middle class is a euphemism for the advocates of Black on Black discrimination and the sell out of the Black community. Thus, in reality the Black middle class becomes Uncle Toms and contemporary SNiggers. Also let it be written that this system is self-destructive. We argue that this system is self destructive because it opposes the laws of God and the democratic principles established by the founders of the Republic.

Our Songs The Blues (1-24-09)


Many fallen warriors some dead in mind some

dead in body and soul as they made the transition

to the dirt were forgotten about as the new rulers

came to town. Appeasement came down and all

if not most of the great advocates for rights civil

were placed on the dole and leadership took its toll.


For the record, middle class can be defined as "the people between those that are wealthy and the working class." Thus those in the leadership ranks hailed from this class. However the record shows a sordid history of self gain and dark and bleak attitudes toward the poor.


Meanwhile the organizations for rights civil were

set upon a destiny course to appease many interests

outside the community that was Black. However

the racial lines clearly distinguished this community

from the community White and wealthy. Education

although missed began to take tally as the mind was,


The most serious and devastating form of racial discrimination for a Black person is Black on Black discrimination. This aspect of racism and discrimination comes from your own community. However what organizations have been commissioned by an immoral element to define racism? Therefore has racism basically become known as White on Black?

Wasted as it also controlled the way of the legs, arms,

and feet. John had a token in his pocket however

he discarded it because the institution it represented

no longer existed. It was just dead weight and made

more holes in an already worn pocket that suffered now

from the planned and calculated actions of his own,


Kind as he sought rights civil and human. New pseudo-

intellectuals launched great campaigns of new values and

morals began to elude a once moral people steeped in

convictions Godly from the days of the will to run for

freedom at all cost guided and directed by the Moon the

Stars and grace and mercy found in singing of things Spiritual.


There was once a man and woman from the land called the “Land of the Blacks.” They did have many children. They also went on a trip and some stayed home. The rape of home and those in the Diaspora did proceed. They also produced scholars as all humankind did. Some of these were even the first. However many also came with physical strength to catch balls, jump, kick, run and hit balls. Some also came to sing and dance and tell stories called jokes. They also came as players of the stage, screen and moving pictures. These were often well paid.

Some compromised much or little. But those that were in academia sacrificed greatly. Without much money some sold hearts and mind for tenure a pay check and a holiday. But some are left. They reach and capture the positive in the negative as they embrace the storm. They also relish the freedom to embrace and cherish solitude.


The Blues also grew out of these Spiritual feelings only

known to those that had a feeling of the griots passed down

in their genes to tell of the story for the people from “The

Land of The Blacks.” They the Blues singers felt the pain,

the suffering, the trials and tribulations of the Black man

and woman, boy and girl and rendered it up in song.


Meanwhile as the great philosophers saw God and Truth. The tales were told of proving and disproving. Thus many intellectuals got lost in the proof game and lost sight of the Creator. Let it be written that there is an exact nature to Social Science in all of its aspects. We call our road to this Truth “The Methodology For Obtaining Truth.”   Part 1: Spiritual Science Is the Most Exact Science


These were lyrics that only those Black like me could sing and

bring to music. Meanwhile the Black Middle-Class who had no

real Class frowned on the slave songs, the plantation songs the

gut bucket songs of distress over a Black woman and songs of

low no wages and working in hot and cold sun. Thus much of

our history was lost as the young looked to Fools and those that,


Totally rejected God and created many things that came from the

creative genius of Black souls as counterproductive to our clear

understanding of the Black experience.  Profane and illicit lyrics

came to the table that disgraced Black women, the race and all

things with any moral standards. However the pseudo-intellectuals

in his education that was missed relied on distortions and once again,


Looked to his take on culture that suited his interests that were bent for

the market-place and not the mind-place of Truth and understanding.

Thus peace fled as the break of day brought more misery than the day

before as Blacks mocked the Blues and took the history away and hid the

rest. But our Songs are the Blues and in them we see our story our history

that we have lived and written.


On a sad note this philosophy although toyed with in days of Old is mired by Censorship and the banning of pure reason and thought. The darkest day for the Black man, woman and the people of African descent and humankind is not the distortion of the Black historical record but the corruption and vile destruction of the history of the Church and the teachings of Jesus Christ as rendered by the Great Prophets and Apostles.


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