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Part 1: Understanding The Black Experience


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Part 6: Civil Disturbances Called Peaceful Demonstrations


In the name of Almighty God, Master of the universe Ruler of all the earth


Editors Note: We bear witness that those that still attempt to deny, destroy, distort and censor the essence of Black History come more Black than White. Black on Black discrimination is alive and well and festers in the wicked hearts and minds of those that shake and flinch at being exposed for their crimes against Humanity. Let not your heart be troubled as the ungodly offers silver and gold. However, the Judas clones weigh light as a feather as the Godly heart is filled as a cup that runneth over with the sweet burden of love. Peace be unto you. The Godly surely know the essence of peace from the Fools that reject God and Truth.


Greetings Brethren,


Peace be unto you. To the Church and believing Christians everywhere. To those that believe in the Bible as the supreme authority that governs all of humankind. In this we give thanks to God the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit that leads and guides us the straightway.


The tragedies of 1619  in a new land that was never lost, that launched forced work camps often called plantations, finally came to  front row center as the Civil Rights Movement as an active protest Movement took shape. So as the guns of Korea ended Jim Crow in the South still restricted and segregated the races.  But many Black feet were tired. Also the church became the great meeting place for the Movement. Thus, many preachers became the first leaders and were in the vanguard of the leadership ranks.


Martin Luther King Jr. a young energetic preacher came to Montgomery, Alabama to pastor a Baptist Church. Mother Rosa Parks was tired that day in 1955 and she just wanted to sit down on the bus where she had paid her rightful fare. But the rules of Jim Crow said you had a defined area and the Black or Colored area was limited and all Blacks had to always give way to the rite of passage to the White people young or old.


Marching For Peace (1-21-09)


The saga of Blacks in America continued

as many heroes fell and died for the right

to look out the window. The captivity of

the Black South was only another way to

keep intact a system of racism first and

economics second.


Mrs.  Rosa Parks worked as seamstress for the Montgomery Fair which was a leading department store Montgomery, Alabama in 1955.

But many Black feet were tired of the trip

to the back and the outhouse was old, filthy

and of little use to those that had no money

for toilet paper. The Boycott was born as it

had a sense of unity of purpose and a way to

defeat the economic stranglehold placed on,


On December 1, 1955, after Mrs. Parks completed her work day, she went to Cleveland Avenue and waited for the bus to take her home. The bus finally arrived and she boarded it. The Black section of the bus, in the back, was filled. It was against the law for Blacks to sit in seats reserved for White people in the front section of the bus. Mrs.  Parks decided to sit in what is known as the ”neutral zone,” where Blacks were allowed to sit, provided no White people were left without seats.

Those that carried out the slop jars and sweep

the broom. In Montgomery and throughout the

South the Blacks had a station in the back of the

bus. Most also had to pay up front then get off

and board at the back. Sometimes they were left

as a hurried driver saw the next stop before the,


After one or two more stops, more White people boarded the bus. The bus driver ordered Mrs. Parks and three other Black people (Colored, Negro people) to give up their seats, to allow the White people a seat. The other two Blacks obeyed the bus driver and gave up their seats. Mrs. Parks refused to obey, she was tired, and her feet ached from a hard day’s work of sewing dresses. Mrs. Parks said “I was just plain tired and my feet hurt.”


Black back door was opened. A lot of Black feet

had been tired a long time. Not only were they

tired of going to the back of the bus but tired of

eating in a rat corner in the local Five and Dime.

Public access was commonly denied and when there

were no separate facilities there was a look-out for,


“Again the driver told Mrs. Parks to get up. But she would not move. The driver was furious. He called a policeman. He told him that Mrs. Parks would not give up her seat. When the policeman heard this he pulled Ms. Parks off the bus. He took her to the police station; the police took her fingerprints and threw her in jail.”


The out-house are the bushes and trees. There was

Black water and White water but it all tasted and

looked the same. Who could tell the difference?

Hotels were closed to those forced as vagabonds

who wandered only because they had the good sense

a few years hence to leave camps where labor was,


Forced and manhood was taken and thrown to the hogs

and dogs. Some even said many dogs and hogs had a

better supper than those who tilled the soil from early

can’t see morning and Black night. They came and went by

the light of the moon. When the day broke they had

made it to the field and were already tired.


So by the time of 1955 there was a Unity that did

rage throughout the downcast minds of many people

that had the stigma of being Black and poor. They had

no land because they worked the land and the 40 acres

and a mule, donkey or ass was never seen but only heard

about. Many, had nothing but God was with them.


They stand up walking as they now walked and caught the

rhythm of the wind as few had any means of transportation.

But the few dollars, dimes, quarters they paid stopped and

the power structure listened. Bring back the bus fares and

ride in the back, but no one listened to that tune because a

lots of Black feet were tired.


On December 1, 1955, the Blacks in Montgomery decided that they had been pushed too far. They had frequently asked for better treatment on the buses, but had not received such. It was now time to cease talking and take some action. The Montgomery Bus Boycott followed.

Where they had been told by Jim Crow they could not

sit and eat a hamburger and drink a coke they found

seats there and passive resistance was on the move.

In India the masses were the majority as they marched

against a few Englishmen that had economically invaded

their country. Their numbers overwhelmed them and,


Colonialism and Neo-Colonialism fell in the hot caste

system of India for Indians. Here in the Black South in

the western hemisphere the Blacks were the minority.

But civil disturbances and marches against the Jim Crow

chains swept throughout the land. Many also cried out for

the right to vote that had been granted soon after slavery.


Uppity Black folk had the nerve to demand equal rights that

had been given, but not observed by the 13th, 14th and 15th

Amendments to the United States Constitution. They had

a lot of nerve and courage, but many came upon their knees

and many died as murdered martyrs not in vain as there is a

record kept on all deeds good or bad.


Law enforcement called civil disturbances breaking the law.

Do you have a permit to parade down this street? Do you

have a right to be seated in a White restaurant or movie

theater? There was show time but there was also the balcony

or some way to keep you from mingling with the White

people. Segregate the body and soul but integrate the pocketbook.


In South Africa I heard that Black cattle or those that

belonged to a Black man could not mingle or graze with

the beast of burden owned by foreign White men who

did not have a birth right to the land of Africa south or

north. Meanwhile, as the Blacks marched in peace never carrying

a gun things became violent as there was much resistance toward,


Those who broke away from Jim and Crow and demanded

equality. But how could Blacks be equal to White people?

Many schools houses were burned as many would opt to die

before they would see their children sitting by a Black child

trying to learn A, B and C. But the march for peace continued

And many opportunists came aboard as the Straw Boss came,


Back and many preachers and leaders were paid off to keep quiet.

Pimps of oppression also came to the table, but in resistance. The dumb

got dumber and ignorance was sought after and education missed the

Black school and when the Black school merged and allowed a transition

and mingling of the White school education became missed there also.

But peace is all they marched for, but some wanted economic parity.


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