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Part 4: The Attempted Reconstruction Of An Illicit Conscience & Peace


Editors Note: May the peace of Almighty God be forever upon you. We seek peace for all of humankind friend and foe. Rest assured beloved brethren there is no blessing among the righteous that do not pray for the enemies of God and His people. Thus, we plead to the Lord for mercy for those that are Spiritually blind and seek the destruction of the righteous which is impossible. Thus, to reject God is to act and exist as a Fool.


In the name of Almighty God, Master of the universe Ruler of all the earth


Greetings Brethren,


Peace be unto you. To the Church and believing Christians everywhere. To those that believe in the Bible as the supreme authority that governs all of humankind. In this we give thanks to God the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit that leads and guides us the straightway.


Soon after the sounds of the many guns and cannons ended a bloody Civil War, Black hearts still bled red.  Brothers once again became brothers and the North knew only separation from the South as the geographic borders. Freedom although called out loomed, lurked and often still eluded many lost souls. But the Freedmen’s Bureau was born and often protected those that were still intent on taking new found Freedoms while new Freedom pilfers got paid.


Meanwhile, Reconstruction enlisted many untrained Blacks as there were still very few if any schools in the South. While the North attempted the political Reconstruction of the South the barriers and separation still existed. Eventually, old enemies once again became friends and the Black in the middle lost. The century turned and “Strange Fruit,” was good fruit for many that left the Black Codes for Jim Crow.


Negro Captivity (1-20-09)


There are many parallels as the historical record

of humankind continues to unfold. There are also

many things that come in cycles as history never

repeats itself. At least not for the optimists and

the realist. But what of those that walk with John?

The Black elite and the liberal left claim that Blacks have made tremendous gains. A system of manipulation and control has allowed the Black elite to enter the mainstream of American life. Thus, the sellout of Black America has benefited only a few in the Black community. This condition raises many questions. Questions like, if the South had won the Civil War, would Blacks be better off today?

But there once and still is a people that during the

days of the Old were often disobedient and punished

by God and sent into captivity. God was always at the

center as so was Christ. However, many came not to

make the transition from the Old to the New.

So why was the Civil War fought? Was the war fought over the issue of slavery? Was the war fought over saving the Union? We can determine that they fought the Civil War (1861-1865) over two issues, slavery and saving the Union.

Also Satan devouring everything he could across the

land as an ill and wicked garbage can seduced many

preachers, teachers and those that still seek to govern

the Church houses with many lies on God. Thus,

in vogue came disobedience and Darkness penetrated,


As our mind goes back in time, we see Darkness upon the world and its people. This Darkness came about due to the disobedience of the people of God.  Thus, the earth and its people were cast into Darkness when the Bible was not seen. However, what preceded this wretched period when many did not know and did not see God?


The earth, and many of its people. Also while weeping we

report that the mis-education of the Black and White mind

came not only in the School House but also in the Church

House, the Seminaries the places that trained preachers of

the Word for the world. So is the answer to the Black Dilemma,


The crucifixion of Christ brought great upheavals upon the world. Although many do not directly record that many things regarding the wrath of God descended upon the earth and its people due to the death of Christ. Here we see the wrath of God not for a deed that had been ordained, but the evil minds that carried out this deed of death.


Also found in Obeying God and truly accepting the Messiah?

The close of the family struggle to win slaves, progress or the

Union ended. So did the direct dependence on those that

held the keys to the gates. But many precedents had been set.

The Black family was unorganized and spit at the norm.

The Black family ceased to exist, fathers, mothers, sons; daughters were sold to the highest bidder regardless of being separated from parents and siblings. Blacks were not allowed a formal and spiritual wedding; Blacks jumped the broom, while White people formalized wedding vows in the church. So as the first Black family was herded and corralled like cows and sheep, the Black family structure was built on no responsibility. The Black male slave stud became a part of a degenerate and dehumanizing aspect of the institution of slavery. In fact the forced reproduction task of the male slave stud defied even basic instinct. Thus, the breeders developed no kinship to the offspring that resulted from this planned and organized reproduction of humans for profit.

Blacks also failed or were made to fail in their first quest to

act or perform as elected officials. What then became the

rationale for those appointed and assigned positions? When

did the Straw Boss era begin? What also happened later when

by design some were also stolen into the electoral arena?

The Tragedy of Straw Boss Leadership: Black & Cultural Genocide


Mainstream dictionaries define Straw Boss as an assistant foreman or foreman over a small group of workers.  In one of the most classic literary works on creative writing “The Gang of Four” was tried by the People’s Court in the “Chattanooga News Weekly.” Genocide as part of the equation can be things other than race as a means of extermination. The intellectuals were purged and the independent mind rested on all things. The era is over and the righteous look for a cleansing of the lost souls that participated in this dark and bleak period of our history however we know with Christ Jesus there are never any dark days.


A captured people on captured land held in captivity also

embraced some for survival and some as a remnant a captured

religion. The failed Reformation rendered many denominations

that still resided in the Dark Ages. The Black religious survival

moving toward independence after the guns stopped killing,


Ginzburg in his book “100 Years of Lynching” collects numerous newspaper reports about lynching during this period. This source duly records the Georgia lynching’s and the graphic description of how these people died. The Black men that met the fate of the White lynch mobs were murdered and dehumanized in every way possible. This process of murder was dehumanizing because the Black body even after death was totally dismembered.

The Big Oak Tree

Brother against brother also stayed Black, as the Dark Ages,

                                              for the most part, still cloud and taint the pulpits and

minds of many lost souls Black and White. So went the failed

Reconstruction as the Reformation failed and the consciences

of guilt toward peace still invaded the minds, but never the,


What was the condition of Blacks after slavery? As the war ended in 1865 the Reconstruction period began. During this period all hell broke loose in the South. After the Northern victory in 1865 the North (military) virtually occupied the South throughout the ten-year Reconstruction period. Northern politicians, the Union army and the so-called carpet baggers treated the South harshly.


Hearts of the gate keepers. Things would get worse to get better

as carnivals of strange hanging fruit would move from pagan

spectacles of human degradations to just amusement with food,

Merry-go-rounds and a Ferris wheel. But the Black Jim Crows

circled the pass as they knew many in captivity would soon come.

This period witnessed the former slaves gaining rights as citizens. The 13th, 14th and 15th amendments to the constitution became a living reality for Blacks. These amendments freed Blacks from slavery, gave them citizenship rights and finally the 15th amendment gave Blacks the right to vote. During this period Blacks were elected to local, state and national offices. Therefore, Blacks were able immediately after slavery to exercise legitimate rights as citizens, to the chagrin of the Southerners. Eventually the South reacted to the occupation of the South and the rights given to Blacks. This reaction and the eventual alliance between the White South and the White North became a crucial aspect of the Black Holocaust.

By and by they would come. Meanwhile, Peace found comfort in

the heart as the mind went to waste. So did the mis-education of the

soul as the history of the true history of the Church was caught up

in the captivity and the search for peace. However, there is no peace

without God.

As a result, some elements in the White community in the South and throughout America organized White supremacist organizations. These organizations were formed to bring terror and death to Black people. The White South also sought to repeal all laws that allowed Blacks to exercise rights as equal citizens. In place of these laws the reactionary South enacted laws that legalized segregation and the separate, but equal doctrine was soon born.


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