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Part 3: No History Restless Peace


Editors Note: Beloved we come in love realizing that there is a remnant among all of the diverse groups that make up the human family. Therefore, we are grateful to God for those that have showed love to us. Meanwhile, we bear witness as Almighty God is our Maker, the Creator and Judge that there is power in the submission to Jesus Christ. With this submission and the acceptance of the Gospel inferiority complexes flee. There are no more Uncle Toms and sycophants. The righteous will never put anything in the flesh or anything material before God. Those that lift up man and things that have a temporal value like diamonds and pearls are lost and will never accept the transition to Christian Nationalism. But rest assured that those that believe as we believe are rebuked and scorned by many including their own brethren and blood. But those persecuted for His sake are blessed. Therefore, we pray without ceasing for our enemies who are the enemies of God and even in their alleged treachery bring joy and Peace for everlasting to the Saints.


In the name of Almighty God, Master of the universe Ruler of all the earth


Greetings Brethren,


Peace be unto you. To the Church and believing Christians everywhere. To those that believe in the Bible as the supreme authority that governs all of humankind. In this we give thanks to God the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit that leads and guides us the straightway.


From the earliest times of human existence the Blacks that inhabited “The Land of the Blacks” had existed as the great benefactors of human development. Black, White, Red and Brown, Egypt described these people, however to the south and west of Egypt, also were significant cultures now unheard of and for the most part forgotten. So soon after the defacing of the statues and artifacts that noted a Negroid and Blackness the ships were destined to come.


Money became in vogue as it has never lost its flavor for the rich and the powerful. Many muscles were needed as land became found that was not lost in the west. The Natives did not run and hide, but many Europeans still came as they came to the West coast of Africa as the Brown and White brothers also came to the East. The Black presence penetrated India and the Middle East even to this day as does the Black presence all through North and South America and the Caribbean basin.


A Transplanted Race (1-19-09)


Alex Haley told us a story that registered true

as the Roots of Black folk and Queen was her

name. Toby was not his name we have said “No

Man Knows My Name.” Meanwhile, the shackles

spelled chains and with that came not only a name

change, but the invention, creation of a new race.

Could man do this or did it just logically take place?

Man Does Not Know My Name


The word Negro is defined in the dictionary as a person of African descent. Surely this conclusion has some merit, but when and why did the word Negro appear in the English language, or any language. The word Negro was invented during the slave trade. Thus, the Europeans who dealt in the slave trade created a new race of Blacks from Africa and called them "Negroes."


Somewhere along the chain line, at the slave pens,

aboard the stinking ships, at the auction blocks for

human commodities in the internment camps, the

breeding grounds, in the slave quarters in the cotton

fields the names were born. Black became a stigma

and Negra, Boy, Negro, Nigger, Negress came to

describe those that knew nothing of Toby and Gal,


Therefore, the word Negro was invented, so that Blacks from Africa would know nothing of their past. Understandably the Negroes' history began when he was brought to America. It is documented that the history of the Black man goes back to the beginning of time. Therefore, the record speaks of a long history of Black people.



Would there ever be a positive result of this cultural

fusion that still takes place? Are we yet to see a new

breed of Blacks that would be Colored, Negro, Afro-

American, Black American and African-American.

Some brought or did all bring a belief in religion?

What God would have sponsored this? God never

rendered evil for evil sakes. Some also were pagan.

Thus, the acceptance of the distinction of being a Negro renders a short history of a group of people who were originally slaves. This brief history also notes that these Negroes were freed from slavery as recently as 1865. Thus, many have come to believe that with such humble origins and existence, the Negro has contributed very little to mankind except the sweat from his brow.

Meanwhile, nothing had any place here as this was

a new land, a new language, a new people, new customs.

But there was no way to totally assimilate another race

of people into a culture that was also developing and

gaining root as all of the settlers of course came from

across the great sea also, but most had come before

the kidnapped souls were cast out to work the ground.


It is for sure that those who invented this so-called lowly race of people (the Negro) were calculated in shaping and molding the attitude of the slaves. Thus, the Negro by the slave master's design would accept an inferior status, while holding the slave master as supreme.


So as all cultures came to the table, the dominant culture

won as you can never take culture with you upon your

Back it has to be realized in the mind. But on the backs

of free labor came the greatest country noted in the annals

of human existence. Progress got in the way of a kingly

life style and the greed to keep people as cattle. However,

the salvation of the Union won and the Blacks were freed.


It stands to reason that if one had known nothing but the humble station of a slave, he would have very little self esteem and pride. Hence, the Negro was totally cut off from his African past. The Negro was taught that he had always been a slave, and to serve the master was the law of man and the law of God.

Many just wandered and some stayed on the plantations

and new forms of slavery came to the table in share-cropping

and tenant farming. Some said many were still held deep in

the country side still working the land as they knew not of

freedom as the Masters defied God the Union and a bleeding

conscience that would carry over to their heirs if there was no



If you have read the book “Roots” and saw the dramatization on TV, you know that Kunta Kinte refused to accept the ways of the Negro. But many Blacks on the slave plantations did accept the ways of the Negro for various reasons. For all practical purposes, many Blacks even in 2009 still accept the doctrines of an invented race of people, the Negro. The contemporary Negroes still think they are on a plantation. Therefore, they still think the White man is their master, and that he the Negro is an inferior human being.


With no history there was a restless peace for a transplanted

race. But who would come out of the ashes of a Civil War

to write of our history; Black History? Who stands in the way

of Truth as no one wants the true history told? They saw God

in many cotton fields that were hot. They saw God as many took

to the woods running, running and ending up at the Cross Roads.

Is peace realized in a dream of freedom?


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