Part 1: Introduction: ProVerse A Looking Glass


Part 4: The Historical Perspectives of The People of God

Part 5: God Ordains Black History


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Part 2: An Intellectual Tragedy: The Road To Peace


Editors Note: Will the wagons ever circle around love and God? Where will the Wind blow in Blue Goose Hollow? Meanwhile, the big tree said to the little tree, I will soak up all the sunshine and let you die. But the little tree not dismayed because he prayed daily without ceasing; said I love you. However what you said you would do is a sin. I thus hate sin and all the little trees ran and hid. But one little tree called Freedom with a big F stood up walking, talking like a good man leaning on the breast of Jesus. He then, the little tree thus felt the sunshine even in the rain and in the end needed not sunshine or rain.


In the name of Almighty God, Master of the universe Ruler of all the earth


Greetings Brethren,


Peace be unto you. To the Church and believing Christians everywhere. To those that believe in the Bible as the supreme authority that governs all of humankind. In this we give thanks to God the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit that leads and guides us the straightway.


Beloved no doubt that the great thinkers that laid the foundation for the intellectual life and breath of Cultural Nationalism, Pan-Africanism knew not of the ordained transition process yet to take place. Is this wishful thinking? Do most Cultural Nationalists today even know that they are dyed in the wool dogmatic cultural pagans? But how can one make the transition to Christian Nationalism without God? Therefore, is there something unique in the intellectual attitude that denies the existence and power of the Creator?


There are also those that (we see it written) that were supposed to make the transition to Christianity that also leaned on culture in the Old Testament. What are the parallels here among the Black masses that still fail to make the transition? Will culture save anyone? Will God save us all?


Does Egypt Hold The Key To The History Of The Church? (1-19-09)


As the great Black thinkers of yesterday found grace in

antiquity and Africa west, east and in the cradle of world

civilizations the contemporary African and Black American

the Blacks throughout the Diaspora of consciousness knew

of the great past events and contributions of the Pharaoh

people to the world.


Some scholars during this period argued that, there has been a consistent effort to rationalize slavery by omitting Africa from world history. Therefore, many people believe that history can be written without reference to Black people. W.E. B. DuBois believed that this approach to history was scientifically unsound and also dangerous for logical social conclusions. (See Dubois, The World and Africa, New York, International Publishers, 1947, p. vii)

Some awed by what they had accomplished transformed

the map of Africa “The Land of the Blacks,” to a north

Eastern Europe. But how could Africans now be Europeans?

Was the Middle East in Europe? Surely you had to pass through

the east to get to Europe anyway this did not work and soon

lost all its vigor as ignorance among even the masses lasts only,


A little while. Meanwhile the Blacks that had a great setback

when the bondage cargo ships passed by east and west as they

were raped and ravaged to ruin and history and culture

was under attack. Justification for economic racism further

instilled in the displaced African and now Blacks and even the

Africans on the continent a great lack of self esteem and,


Inferiority based on superiority took hold of many colors as

money ruled and it was colored green, black gold and yellow

as silver was less but diamonds were more. Natural resources

fell into foreign hands and these hands claimed them as their

birth right and self genocide a crime became ever present and Black

on Black crimes took what was left as the dispossessed became worse,

The beginning of the slave period for Blacks in America also meant the beginning of the Economics of Racism. Thus, from all legitimate accounts the White man invented racism to justify slavery. The Europeans that enslaved the Black man, woman and child often claimed to be religious. Therefore, if White people could make claims that Black people were heathens and inferior human beings, they could justify slavery.

Than the intruders that only came and went as they pillaged even

the land and the soul. Meanwhile, I see that early Black historian

looking over the historical record and coming south to Ethiopia and

did he realize that Christianity thrived there untouched by Islam?

He came further south and then west as Islam penetrated there but

Christianity also survived.


But the missionaries came, but no one connected Egypt to the

equation of religion as Jerusalem was a stone’s throw to the north.

Jesus rested there so did many of the great prophets and patriarchs

also came there to rest, study and exist on the Spirit that must have

also thrived in Alexandria and throughout that place. But who saw

a connection of history and religion?


Is religion history? Does it take in all things that exist? If you know

God do you see things not in isolation? What just what if they knew

God and knew Egypt? Therein, was then, no bickering over many

things as they would be explained. We now see them revealed in the

Bible, however, if not for this conversion that would not be so. I looked

Past Egypt and see Peace and Paradise.


Racism does not come from the Bible. Racism comes from man and his greed. For the record what comes first racism or economics? We argue that economic greed preceded racism. Thus, the term Economic/Racism.


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