Part 1: Introduction: ProVerse A Looking Glass


Part 1: The Confusion  Caused By Mis-Education

Part 2: The Attack On Afro-Centric Scholars

Part 3: The Power of God & Black History


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Part 1: Introduction


In the name of Almighty God, Master of the universe Ruler of all the earth


Greetings Brethren,


Peace be unto you. To the Church and believing Christians everywhere. To those that believe in the Bible as the supreme authority that governs all of humankind. In this we give thanks to God the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit that leads and guides us the straightway.


Beloved as we continue our sojourn at this place we see the ever expanding misconceptions about the destiny and destination of God’s people, which includes all people that reside on the earth. All that liveth have a confirmed destiny with the Savior at the Last and Final Day. Also the greatest unfulfilled prophecy of the Bible may come sooner than later.


Once again as we explore ProVerse to ascertain the known and the unknown we look at the historic premise of Cultural Nationalism and its impact on the minds and hearts of those once held in subservience. However, what of the subservient and ancillary posture of the mind? Just what has caused this dependent position of the hearts and minds of the people of all cultures that walk and crawl upon the earth?


Meanwhile, what is Cultural Nationalism? Is it a flawed and illogical belief that the study of one’s Culture is a cure-all for all the ills of an economic bent society? Thus is there a utopian dream among the Cultural Nationalists? But most Cultural Nationalist believe all of their problems reside in race and culture. The FreedomJournal has seen the essence of the Economics of Racism and what of its utility in this equation? Moving right and left we rest upon our second area of discussion which is the panacea of all of our dreams.


Is Christianity a belief of right and left? Are there liberal as well as conservative Christians? Is Jesus Liberal or Conservative? Well do the terms of humans in the flesh apply to the Divine? Meanwhile nothing is wrong with unity of purpose, independence and national interest as components of Nationalism. Taking Culture with it is not all that is needed. While taking Christianity with Nationalism is surely a way to the Top.


The Confrontation of Theory Ideology and Peace (1-19-09)


Many great thinkers regarding the Experience Black have

come and gone. However, as the will of God will break a

new day some thoughts still digest and resurface in the

minds and the often bleak hearts of those lost in academic

confusion, mis-education and an attack on all things that

they do not understand, believe and grow with in peace.


The main impetus behind the development of Cultural Nationalism by some scholars was the theoretical writings of a Harvard trained Black physician, Dr. Martin Delaney. Delaney even at that early date disdained the use of the term Negro and preferred to be called Black. Delaney born of pure West African stock took a pointed interest in the study of African history and culture.


We saw first the great testament of the Culture Black in

“The Land of the Blacks,” Africa and the land of Egypt.

Yes to know of these things is good but what of the role

of Jerusalem? Meanwhile we see in study Chancellor

Williams, “The Destruction of African Civilization,” W.E.

B. DuBois, “The World and Africa,” Eric Williams,


Delaney, later, in his seminal work, "The Condition, Elevation, Emigration and Destiny of the Colored People of the United States, Politically Considered," published in 1852, outlined a program which he felt would speak to the immediate needs of Black people. Part of Delaney's program called for the emigration to, and the colonization of Eastern Africa by Black people.

“Capitalism and Slavery,” but who takes heed to all they

have written? Just who can digest these great scholars and

not come away with a need to see and read more? So went

Walter Rodney, “How Europe Underdeveloped Africa,”

Cheikh Anta Diop, “The African Origin of Civilization Myth

Or Reality,” nor could we stop and not include the research of,


Rodney's work "How Europe Underdeveloped Africa" is an empirical investigation of the relationship between Africa and Western Europe. The time period of his study extends from 1500 to the period of decolonization of the 1960's. Thus, Rodney's major concern is to note by way of scientific study how in fact Western Europe by way of their imperialist policies toward Africa exploited its people and resources.

Brother Ivan Van Sertima, “The Journal of African Civilization.”

Don’t forget Diop again and “Cultural Unity of Black Africa.”

Some also came noted by some as unlettered and the intellectual

community frowned. However, Garvey who was Marcus made

his way in “Philosophy & Opinions of Marcus Garvey,” so did

the work of J.A. Rogers as he wrote about race and made for,


With the emergence of Marcus Garvey, Cultural Nationalism for the first time attained a legitimate wide spread recognition from Black people throughout the world (for Garvey's movement was truly international in both appeal and scope).

Precedents in the study of Black history. Malcom X Shabazz also

came trained in a concentration camp to digest vivid realities

of Black history that are still passed down. But don’t forget

those that lived and bled through slavery like Frederic Douglass

and the host of Slave Narratives that are the true accounts from a

Black slave perspective.


Frederick Douglass came and ran for freedom early, but he never scratched his head. Malcolm X came late and also stood up walked and talked like a man. But, Booker T. came in between and set a new paradigm for the head scratchers. Here many argued that it was the sign of the times and survival. However Frederick Douglass and many that ran with him in 1838 would have died standing up.


In Africa along with Diop was that great one Kwame Nkrumah.

All of his research is found in the hearts and minds of the true

Pan-Africanist and those that sought to dissect culture and find

Nationalism as a base. So we hail especially “Neo-Colonialism The

Last Stage of Imperialism,” and “Class Struggle In Africa.” The

Ebony man Lerone Bennett gave us “Confrontation Black and White.”


Nkrumah notes that Africa as a complex society that embodies traditional past, common aspirations, and shared experiences under Colonialism, Neo-Colonialism and Imperialism. Even in this diverse society there are certain common political, social and economic conditions and problems.

In China Chairman Mao Tse tung made critical statements on culture

that can be transferred to the Black American Experience as there

are some unique parallels. Huey Newton and his Black Panther Party

also made some contributions “To Die For The People,” and so did

C.L. R. James, “A History of Pan African Revolt.” Some also came from

the West Indies like Frantz Fanon as a French West Indian and,


“The Wretched of the Earth,” and “Black Skin White Masks.”Stokley

Carmichael also called radical as Bobby and Huey set various precedents

on Black Power and the Third World. E.W. Blyden 1813-1912 also hailed

the Caribbean also carried an early torch for Pan-Africanism. He also

set the tone for the great transition to Christianity, in “Christianity, Islam

and The Negro Race.” So what was most important of Carter G. Woodson?


It was a failed mind experiment that those Black like me and Blacker could leave Martinique and live in Paris and become White. Nor could the same Black man and woman live and be schooled in London and become more British than the British. Black stayed although some tried to discard this Blackness. Fanon told many about the Colonial and Neo-Colonialism support for a failed assimilation.


“Mis-Education of the Negro,” or “The History of the Negro Church?”

Meanwhile we would not be able to understand much of this without E. Franklin

Frazier’s research especially “The Negro Church In America,” We also lean

on Joseph Washington, “The Negro and Christianity In The U.S.” However

the leading theorists toward the question of Cultural Nationalism is Martin

Delaney, “The Condition, Elevation, Emigration & Destiny of the Colored,


Is there more mis-education in the Church than in the public or private schools? Where did Christianity lose its way? Did money get in the way of Jesus and the true Gospels? What are the parallels of the church house and the school house?


People of the U.S., Politically Considered,” published in 1852. Meanwhile

we see as we look past, present and ride the Spirit toward the future a

transition to things that soon will be perfect. That the great tragedy has

not been solely the with-holding, distortion, deception, ignorance and lack

of a clear historical record of the Black and African Experience over-time.

But as we relish our on-going conversion we see the willful and Hellish,


The Protestant Movement took hold and a multitude of denominations arose. Thus many doctrines came upon man's lips and breath and many took these to heart. Thus a belief in man and things and not God became/is vogue. Here is another period of Darkness and Light. What is the Dawn? Is that where the world sits?


Distortion and confusion of the historical record of the Church as the

greatest crime committed by anyone that has ever lived in this foreign

land. Here we see the understanding not only of God sent Laws but

race, economics, politics, sociology, psychology and religion. Here all of the

great disciplines and disciples come to reside under one grand design that

stems directly from the Creator.


It is written that once the Bible was taken from the people the Great Satan who resides in Babylon came up. However the Word was on the lips of many but they grew weary and forgot God. As the wind of change sought to come, it did not. However, the Bible was again released to humankind. But man does not read nor study the Bible.


Peace and Golden Paradise, Carl A. Patton a willing slave and servant of Almighty God writing for the FreedomJournal 2  February 2009 in the year of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.



Part 2: An Intellectual Tragedy: The Road To Peace


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