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"Money and the lust for material possessions sponsor a destructive onslaught on the Black Experience, i.e., culture."

As the destruction of Black culture continues, many people in the Black community attempt to sell racism, and discrimination on every corner. Thus, $$$Money becomes the most important element in their individual and group efforts as Leaders.

So just how much does the world and the Black community driven by an insatiable desire for money impact on culture? Yes is culture more impacted by economic greed than economic need? Thus, is there an illegitimate culture for Black people being created by the ungodly thirst for money?

The creative arts for Black people thrive not on principles, value and morals but on a marketplace of vice, confusion, decadence and the rebuke of God. Who controls the marketplace? Do these same people then dictate Black culture? Are Black Cultural Nationalists then a product of an exploitative marketplace that seeks to capitalize on anything Black people create? Are Black creative Art Forms then given a new life by the Brokers and Financiers of the marketplace? JUST HOW MUCH MONEY IS GENERATED BY THOSE THAT SELL BLACK HISTORY MONTH EACH YEAR? Also who makes most, if not all of this money?

Thus, gone are the traditional songs of our ancestors to what some call a new generation of Hip Hop and Rap. For the record Rap and Hip Hop has a place within the Black community. However if record companies have somehow inspired our youth to write lyrics of dis-respect toward Black women then this is another question. We bear witness that it is not the norm for Black men to disrespect Black women. New art forms are not new but based on a transition from or past. However this factor is challenged by the emphasis on money and "getting paid." Thus culture lies in the wake of greed and destruction because principles and values don't sell in the marketplace.

However the greatest sell (Sell-Out) of Black culture is the rebuke of God and the church. Here Black Preachers who are supposed to be the cornerstone of Black Leadership deny the Word of God and attempt to sell God and religion.

Thus the bonfires of Culture (Nationalism), Capitalism, Socialism rages, with each maintaining their own actors. Meanwhile "The Isms" are often on a course of manipulation and control. We also reveal that those that get caught in the traps of no values, no morals, and no principles also have no regard for God, Culture and the Unity of Black people.


Carl Patton, writing for the FreedomJournal February 24, 2001 in the year of our Lord. 

(Updated 10 June 2009)


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