There is still a need to adequately address the various problems in our educational system. However many people find fault in the messenger and act as if the Black Experience has been of no consequence. Thus we find the reasons for “Fallen Letters: Mis-Education & Intellectual Confusion” (Essays on the Black Experience). www.freedomjournalprss.com




In the name of God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.

"Black independent schools are necessary for the survival of Black culture."

The phrase "the mind is a terrible thing to waste," is an ever present reality in the Black community. However Black intellect does not go to waste because of lack of funding for the United Negro College Fund.

Black minds go to waste because of the dependent posture of Black schools. Therefore there should be a drive to maintain and support Black schools from independent sources in the Black community. It is for sure that all Black schools (colleges and universities) that are dependant are for the most part places of mis-education and class-conscious achievement. Thus many Black college presidents by design and or world view foster mis-conceptions and manipulative curriculums of Black bourgeois thinking. There are also the various administrators and so- called professors who masquerade as Black scholars.

For example our experiences as a student at various Black colleges and universities have been sordid experiences of attempted brain-washing and mis-education. Meanwhile these pitiful examples of Black achievement   challenge the right to free expression and academic freedoms to those that critique the Black educational experience. However, they claim to have Black Studies Programs.  Many schools also have various other departments that maintain a concentration on the study of the Black experience. Most are sad examples of so-called Black intellectuals that sell racism and the plight of Black America to those who have historically benefited from the dis-enfranchisement of Black people.  Even more tragic is that some of these places of academia sell degrees and screen all potential graduates for selective sycophant roles as arm-chair revolutionaries and intellectual sell-outs. Meanwhile these institutions and their counter-parts throughout the Black College landscape are on a mis-guided mission to stall and hamper anyone in the Social Sciences that does not fit a selfish profile and trade principles and values for a degree and a job.

Thus as we (FreedomJournal) continue to view the landscape of Black America, we see dismal and wretched examples of Black youth. Yes a youth that have been brain-washed to opt for material gain instead of principles, morals and values. Thus, the Black community continues to meet confusion with more confusion. With Confused teachers training and preparing confused students we are headed for a disaster. No wonder there is so much chaos in the Black leadership ranks and a Black church sold-out to Satan.

As Social Scientists we have studied with many Black men and Black women over the years. However we do not know any former colleagues that have not sold their soul for tenure, a payday and a holiday. But if there are any independent intellectuals out there somewhere Please stand up and speak out about the wretched conditions of Black History, Black Studies and Black Schools.

Meanwhile we bear witness as Almighty God is our Judge that the willful manipulation of the Black mind is not pleasing to God the Creator. Physical destruction of humankind is cruel but to destroy a human mentally is a Devilish Act of the Highest Order. Meanwhile, we stand in the gap: The FreedomJournal is unbought, unsold, used, rented, leased and we refuse any Lay-Away Plan. We bear witness that we are neither afraid nor ashamed of the Gospel. Therefore we render that Christ Jesus is the answer to any and all problems humankind faces on this earth that Almighty God Created.

We further bear witness that those that accept Christ become educated.


Carl Patton, writing for the FreedomJournal February 5, 2001 in the year of our Lord. (Updated 10 June 2009)


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