Up-dated 15 February 2008


"The Black Elite that lead the parade of Mis-Education during February does not represent the legitimate interest of the Black community."

It is for sure that most Black intellectuals have sold their souls for tenure and acceptance by the White educational establishment. Thus, the dominant liberating philosophy for the intellectually irresponsible charlatans of Black History Celebrations is the philosophy that integration will solve all the problems of Black people including problems of inferior schools. This philosophy was created by the mis-informed intellectual community that was enlisted by Thurgood Marshall to help with the court fight to achieve fair and equal education for Black people.

However the campaign for fair and equal education transcended to integration when there was seemingly no way to achieve fair and equal education in all Black schools. Meanwhile, in order to get the Supreme Court to allow Blacks and Whites in the same schools one of the major decisions in Black America and the world was reached. Thus, Kenneth Clark and his Think Tank enlisted by Marshall scientifically? determined that Black people are inherently inferior. This ludicrous conclusion was allegedly reached because White schools were proven to be better. Thus, Black students when they passed, by these schools on the way to inferior Black schools felt inferior. Also, there was a so-called study of Black and White Dolls. We want go into this discussion because most sensible researchers have proven that this so- called study was invalid.

Meanwhile the so-called Black inferior posture came to permeate all aspects of the Black experience and thus confusion. For the record we at the FreedomJournal and many other Blacks in America and throughout the Diaspora do not feel inferior to White people because the American legacy of slavery and discrimination has rendered inferior facilities, schools etc. to the Black community. Black inferiority does not come from material things. It comes from a psychological condition that has known fertile ground in those that have not properly used what the Creator has rendered to all people, an independent mind. Also it is for sure that many aspirations of Black inferiority are taught to Black people just like many examples of racism are taught to White people.

Therefore with the Black Inferiority Paradigm set in place Black History Week/Month has been a show place for many people in the Black community. Thus the integrationist philosophy and Black Inferiority is propagated by some of the people that claim to represent Black people as leaders.


Carl Patton writing for the FreedomJournal February 2, 2001 in the year of our Lord.  Update 11 June 2009.


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