In the name of Jehovah God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.

As we continue to pursue the ways and means toward a valid, precise and clear understanding of the Black Experience there is an expressed need to explore the following question. What are the parallels of Black and White Supremacy? One of the great tragedies and result of economic racism is the attempt by the oppressed to take on the aspirations of his/her oppressor. For example some Blacks have taken on aspects of racism to counter racism stemming from the White community. In many cases some Blacks have also taken on the philosophy and ideology of Racial Superiority to counter-act White Racial Superiority.

Meanwhile the study and pursuit of the realities of Black history are distorted and clouded with Hate. As many so-called Afro-Centric scholars take up the banner of Black Supremacy they like their White counter-parts distort and confuse many people. Therefore, there is an obfuscation of the historical record. This confused recollection of history is tainted by prejudices and the one-track mind of a Hatemonger. What eventually results is a messed up dichotomy of Hate, one Black and one White.

Ingrained in the explanation of these two terms is found further evidence as to when, what why and how Racial Supremacy philosophies came to exist. What is White Supremacy? What is Black Supremacy? Can these two terms be defined? What are the basic similarities? Can opposing viewpoints note many parallels? What of extremism and its nature however traveled by different people but both having the same goals?

One can trace the historical development of White Supremacy in the exploitative tales of

Imperialism, Colonialism, and the submission of the Third World to domination by the world's great economic powers.

As the essence of literary dialogue enters the scene FreedomJournal talks with Truth.

FreedomJournal is a God-Fearing Free Black Press. The FreedomJournal is unbought, unsold, un-manipulated, leased, rented or placed on any lay-away plan. Truth is an upright man who is an independent thinker. He also believes that the independence to think is a gift from God.

FreedomJournal: When did White Supremacy begin? Does the advent of humankind on earth bear on this question? What have been the great cultures the past 3, 000 years? What role did the enslavement of the African have on White Supremacy? Was the enslavement of the African an economic, political, or social enterprise? Did the conquest of Africa for slaves embrace all of the previous mentioned principles, what came first?

Truth: Nor do I say that White Supremacy came by way of Hate and prejudices. Thus did money invent hate, racism and prejudices? Does man in his limited wisdom also have a mind-set of hate? Was love with us from the beginning? What of love as abandoned by many for material things and the wicked ways of the outer world?

FreedomJournal: Then are you saying that we have an inner world? Is this, my soul benefited by the grasping of the Spiritual realm? Please tell me Truth, would the Spiritual mind render the mis-carriage of justice that we have seen?

Truth: Yes and some will say no because they deny the existence of the All Powerful and All Knowing. But does the determination of the starting point for White Supremacy hinge on the belief in economics as the breeder for Supremacy among White people? So when was the start of economic-racism and why did it start?

FreedomJournal: Some have said the time of 1619 and the enlistment of servants that became slaves. Some also note that it started when the people from Europe sought to place Egypt outside of Africa. However it is for sure that the initial aspects of Racism and Racial Superiority did not come from a particular race believing that they were somehow genetically superior to another culture or race.

Well what is White Supremacy? Also if Economic Supremacy preceded Racial Supremacy what is Economic Supremacy and how does it relate to racism? So Truth what is Spiritual and how is it combined with Truth? Do we need Spiritual Truth to unravel this question?

Once there was a time when different people came upon the face of the earth. These people were all created by Almighty God. However being taken with sin and ungodliness some looked to forsake, abuse and exploit their brethren. Time place and condition did render some lands less suitable for growing crops than others. Also, some areas were more endowed with mineral resources and the great forest.

But all land inhabited by humankind had the ability to grow something that man could eat or take from the sea or river. Also there were forests throughout that also provided wild game for eating and for the making of clothing, utensils etc.

However, greed released by a sinful posture renders the adventure of conquest for gold, silver, precious metals and eventually human beings. As the land was taken hostage so were the people of the land. They were exploited in-house and also taken to foreign lands to continue the ways of Imperialism and the lust for money and material resources.

This economic greed eventually gave rise to Economic Supremacy. As the world Imperialist Powers contested for world domination they laid waste to the Third World conquering the human and natural resources. Soon various powers emerged as Super Powers with a lock on the Un- Developed countries that they Un-Developed by a relentless campaign of terrorism featured by rape and pillage never known in the annals of human history.

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