In the name of Jehovah God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.

One of the greatest dilemmas of any culture is to have a lack of intellectuals. The Black community has been drained of their intellectuals by Satan and the world. Sadly most of the Black intellectuals have been misinformed to accept the role of irresponsible scholars. Also, many have with willful premeditation entered the ranks of insidious derelicts living only for tenure at a university and a pay check. Therefore, from our analysis there is only a very small remnant among the ranks of Black intellectuals. However, this remnant is despised, banned and rebuked by the politically correct impostors. They are refused the God given right to pursue their livelihood at colleges and universities. They also suffer expurgation as writers. Meanwhile, dreadful lies are told about the real Truth Seekers in a further attempt to destroy their credibility as the only responsible scholars in the Black community.

For the record one of the most important positions for the Black intellectual is a teaching position. Therefore, the Black intellectuals at the various colleges and universities are in positions to make a great contribution to the intellectual growth of our youth. However the credentials and resumes of the Black intellectuals at most colleges in America are marred by degrees in irresponsible, flawed, misconceived, prejudiced theories and philosophies.

Simply most Black colleges are just proving grounds for the mis-education of the Black community. Also, at predominantly White colleges the Black intellectual continues the game of intellectual homicide. It is also of note that for the most part White intellectuals continue this game of mis-education although from a White perspective. For the record the simplest definition for mis-education from our vantage point is the resistance to information that offers points of discussion that are not the norm. For example we believe for certain that a discussion on Black on Black discrimination should be a part of Black Studies/African American & African Studies Programs and curriculums. However the Black established order rejects discrimination among Blacks on Blacks and dwell solely on White racism and or White discrimination against Black people.

The preceding statements pose several questions. Can a Black intellectual be a responsible scholar at a Black college or at a White college? What is a responsible scholar? Well are responsible scholars motivated by Truth and not by falsehood and historic economic racism? Therefore can a Black Truth Seeker gain a teaching position at a College or University in America? What is gained from brainwashing Black intellectuals to commit intellectual homicide against the Black community? Do some White people still attempt to control the educational processes of Black people?  Why do Black intellectuals assist the cause of mis-education in the Black people?

What is educational equality? Is this a term that has been lost in integrationist philosophy?  For the record integrationist philosophy is the belief that Black people will gain equality by integrating with White people. There is nothing wrong with integration however you need to read more of the research of Psyche Z Publishing/FreedomJournal to fully understand these terms and how they relate to the economics of racism. However the acceptance of our conclusions would involve a new direction for the Social Sciences as it relates to the Black Experience and most if not all of the academic institutions Black and White are complacent in the tenets of mis-education as education.

Meanwhile would America and the world be a better place if all people are allowed Academic Freedoms? Can authority figures in the educational arena influence the educational process for all people? What is the utility of influencing the thoughts and minds of the masses? If you have the best interest of the masses in your heart is there a need to manipulate them to think a certain way?

“There was once a Preacher who preached for God and not for man or money. He wanted to go to Heaven and he also wanted the Brethren to reap Heaven which is Peace and Paradise. He believed in the Bible and did not take away are try to add anything to the Book. He was blessed and so were all that really heard God.”

“There was also once a dedicated teacher. He taught his students based on basic educational principles that all viewpoints have some merit in the educational arena and his job was to offer these views, philosophies, theories etc. Thus the students would gain from the process as the Science teacher knew that Spring time would be lost without some knowledge of Winter. So would the history of America be lost without some history of the people native to the land and those that were brought here to work the land.”

So where are the Black intellectuals? Is there is a planned strategy of mis-education in the Black community? If so can we argue that this particular doctrine and strategy is out-dated? The attempts to limit and stall progress and continue to deny Peace and Harmony which is the norm for the human family has passed with time. Therefore all of the actors in mis-education are wallowing in ante-bellum foolishness.

Meanwhile the Black intellectuals instead of appealing for progress and the intellectual growth of all people they just roll-over in shallow reasoning and falsehoods. They are all over college campuses telling lies. These lost souls are also administrators and college Presidents. They are at the head of Black Studies Programs where many have adopted foreign names. These names are sometimes African. They are sometimes Arabic. But all that play the name game express the greatest dedication to Blackness. However, from our analysis this is just a charade and a con-game. Thus the Blacker than Black intellectuals that dress like Africans and carry names of people that are foreign and hard to pronounce for the most part are clodhoppers and jesters with shallow minds bent on destroying the Black intellectual potential of our youth. We don't want to leave out those that don't play the name game and dress game. These oafs are just as deadly. They are also part of the planned strategy of mis-education.  Do some White institutions, (the big foundations, the people that contribute to the Negro College Fund) and many mainstream organizations always choose a good Safe Negro as an alleged Black scholar to head various programs of mis-education?

Therefore some analysts claim that the Black irresponsible intellectual for the most part is one with a heart of larceny. A heart of larceny will motivate one to steal the minds of Black youth. A heart of larceny will render a selfish attitude among the sell-out Black intellectuals to place material rewards above principles, moral values and responsible scholarship. Also it is of note and very important to reveal that these Rebels don't believe in God. Those that claim to be believers are liars because Godly people don't practice the dislike of other people based on race, money etc.

These parasites and vultures are also on the Internet. Here they continue to tell lies and vent messages of dissent. They attack Black Unity at every instance while claiming to speak for the best interest of Black people in America and throughout the world. Many also claim to be college professors. Some are mainstream journalists. Some are card-carrying Black Revolutionaries. Some are alleged Marxists. Some are Atheists that dislike other people. Some are Cultural Nationalists and carry the baggage of the contemporary rise of Cultural Nationalism and the murderous attack on the Black Liberation Movement. For the record Cultural Nationalism has become commercial. Especially during the month of December. Thus, Black History Month in February and the African Holiday in December to the Cultural Nationalists is Money. Meanwhile the organizers of this ill formed thought have a narrow view of the Black community.

No wonder they dislike and are confused about the FreedomJournal. We bring these pretenders up for review as God has directed us in our research and inspirational messages.  Thus some of the Blacks with the most difficult names to pronounce and those who attempt to put the B in Black are Green and Yellow. Green is for money and Yellow is for the cowardly attitude that is a part of all that embrace self genocide.

Meanwhile what is the philosophical motivation of these people?

Cont. Part 5: Black Intellectuals and the Parallels of Black and White Supremacy


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