(God who has all power will protect the righteous and those sent as His messengers).

Greetings Brethren:

If we ever needed God, we need God now. The Black Intellectuals have sold out the Black community for a pig and a poke. Who leads the struggle for Freedom, Justice and Equality? Who can adequately direct the literary and research efforts of a despised and rejected people? If there is, no leadership will the people Perish? We see Perish as meaning the Cultural and Historical record of the people will be lost in an insane lust for materialism. The "people Perish" is further seen in the vile and low-down ways of the recreant renegades who come in all descriptions and disguises. These mutinous lost souls cast an evil light on the Truly Righteous. Hence most of the world lifts them up as the Good Guys who wear Black Hats with a White lining but who have hearts that are cold with the rejection God.

The critical role of the Black Intellectual is one of self sacrifice realizing the passing of the physical body and soul will render a Spirit that will live forever. However many are Atheists and Hatemongers and have lost sight of the Creator of all Truth, Wisdom and Knowledge. Thus many come to think Truth is amongst those with the most money and man-made power. For the record the greatest power on the earth and all the universe is found among the people that know God. However the lost people of the world note money as Truth and this money Truth (to them) will surely bring Wisdom and Knowledge. However any wisdom and knowledge absent of God is flawed, distorted and speaks of lies which are untruths.

Meanwhile are the manufacturers of Economic Racism so shrewd in that they have captured the minds and hearts of the Black intellectual with little or no effort? Better yet have there ever been any substantial examples of Black Intellectuals? It takes a shallow and weak mind to give up the independence to think (mind) for material rewards, absent from compassion and love.  

Peace and Love,

Carl Patton writing for the FreedomJournal December 11, 2001 in the year of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


Understanding The Black Experience

Part 3: The Role Of The Black Intellectual

In the name of Jehovah God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.

As the Black intellectual looks out upon the horizon of Human Rights violations and the quest for Freedom, Justice and Equality he has to take on a different attitude than his White counter-parts. He also has to be quick not to bow to the Integrationist philosophy or to the extremist philosophy of the Hatemongers. Therefore we declare that those in the Intellectual community that have prejudices regarding these particular principles do not benefit the research efforts of the Black Experience. Thus the contributions of the biased intellectual whether they are adamant Marxists, Muslims, Integrationists or Cultural Nationalist Extremists only have a superficial impact on revealing the mysteries of our past.

For example no matter how popular are well-known the so-called Afro-Cynical Muslim scholars are that trash Christianity from our analysis  they make only a simple and flawed analysis of the Black Experience. Also the Atheists who have come to Trash Christianity and lift up Black Supremacy, African Religions and the Dogma of Cultural Nationalism are limited in their review of the facts.

Thus we advise the true student of the Black Experience to do the following:

1. You cannot be lazy or in a hurry to gain the facts from the histories of people that have been rejected, lied on and their historical record distorted over time.

2. You must read both sides of an issue. And if there is a third side read it also.

3. Thus you must not be moved by prejudices. If you are an Atheist you must not only read your Intellectuals but also the research of the believers.

4. Be sure to note that there are positive findings on both sides. However only an objective analysis can ascertain the positive and the negative.

However it is a sad report that our schools have been laid to waste by impostors claiming to be Intellectuals. Therefore few of our youth exhibit the spirit, vigor and the thirst for Black history that existed during the height of the move to Black Awareness. Our heart is heavy when we see so many of our youth that are in the schools of mis-education on the way to contemporary Uncle (Tomism) Remus. The Negro College Fund along with its supporters and the faithless in the halls of academia have destroyed almost every young Black mind that they have come in contact with. Thus, very few of our youth have escaped the brain-washing and the processes of mis-education and cultural socialization.

It is for sure that the Black Intellectual and the Black community are in a crisis. It is also for certain that untainted intellectual growth is in a crisis not only for the Black community by for all of humankind. Meanwhile there is a widening Leadership crisis throughout Black America, Africa and throughout the world. From the analysis of the FreedomJournal most of the Black Intellectuals have sold out for tenure and a pay check. Thus among the Black Colleges and the White institutions that hire Black scholars there is very little independent scholarship. It is for sure that independent thinking has been thrown out along with morals, common principles and basic values that are supposed to accompany all of humankind.

Also many that are not in the Universities who claim to be scholars are wasting intellectual skills in repugnance and prejudiced thinking. Meanwhile the remnant among the Intellectual community are Censored and Banned and labeled as everything but Children of the Living God. There is no home for the True Scholars in the Intellectual Community and in the Halls of Academia. If they self- publish their work, it is rejected however none of the pseudo Black scholars offer any data to refute our findings. Thus, Independent Thinkers are able to see the many impostors in the Black community. They see the False Prophets all over the Church. They see the Paid Black Leadership in government, Civil Rights Organizations and throughout the landscape. They see so-called Black Publishers with African and Arabic names as discriminatory as the White and Hebrew racists. They see so-called Black conscious Brothers and Sisters that own Black Book stores that claim to represent Black people callously showing disdain and animosity toward an honest rendition of the history of Black people. They see Black College presidents embracing the Straw Boss attitude that was handed down from the Slave Plantations. Let the record show that if we did not know that God was on our side we would give up the Ghost. The Black community is indeed in a sad state. Therefore it is a sad report that the Freedom to think independently has been taken hostage.

Thus, our people have been programmed toward dependent thinking and the mind-set of impossible pseudo assimilation. This Black Bourgeoisie (Black-Sold-Out-Middle-Class) thinking stipulates that Blacks remove themselves from the realities of the Black experience. Therefore the good Negro is one that accepts a way of life immune from the Black masses and more sensitive to the needs and aspirations of the dominant White community than the needs and aspirations of a people historical exploited. Thus, the Black mind has been robbed of the ways of logic and the will of the Creator. Meanwhile, our best scholars have sold out for a prize.

So where has the Black Intellectual gone? Where has he been? Does he have any principles are values other than those that come from Satan? What motivates him? Does he have peace of mind?

Cont. Part 4: The Black Intellectual Where, Who Is He?


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