The greatest problem facing the oppressed Black man and woman in America, Africa and throughout the Diaspora are the Traitors within. However the even greater tragedy is that these Uncle Toms have positions of power. Thus they send out Flunkies to denounce the Truth-Seekers in the Black community and try to confuse the issues. Unity is not seen in the ranks of our enemies. We cannot Unite with those that are on a mission of Hate and Greed.




Carl A. Patton, writing for the FreedomJournal July 21, 2000


Greetings Brethren:

The FreedomJournal has been called upon to defend our position on Uncle Toms more than any other aspect of our philosophy. Thus, I preface my comments by directing you to Proverbs 27:6:

"Faithful are the wounds of a friend, but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful."

Therefore, a friend may have to give you unpleasant advice at times. However, it is for your own good.

As a Christian writer we also note the most confused and mis-quoted scripture in the Bible, Matthew 7: 1. "Judge not, that ye be not judged."

Judge not is against the kind of critical attitude that tears down another person. It is not a statement against critical thinking. It is a call to be discerning rather than negative.

As you continue to read the seventh chapter of Matthew in verses 15-23 we see Jesus revealing why we have to be critical thinkers. Jesus said to discern false teachers.

7:15 "Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves."

7:16 "Ye shall know them by their fruits."

In conclusion we argue that in the Bible judgment mostly means due to a calamity sent by God by way of punishment. Man does not have the power to Judge. Man can only identify sin and wrongdoing. It is the Christians, responsibility and duty to identify sin and wrongdoing. Thus, our criticism of Black leadership is not a personal opinion or bias.

Meanwhile pain from our vantage point is the ungodly attitude of contemporary irresponsible leaders and legendary compromised Blacks like Booker T. Washington. We are not apologists and we will never try to make excuses for those that have been a weight on the shoulders of the Black community. We also regret that many people in the Black community have a different world view and feel obligated to try to make excuses for crimes committed by Black people against their own people. However, people do things for a reason. Thus, the apologists have good reason to try to justify those that are described as Uncle Toms. They are usually willing or mis-informed ignorant collaborators.

For the record the historic aspects of Censorship and denial of academic freedoms imposed on this writer and Psyche Z Publishing: FreedomJournal grew out our exposure of many ills in the Black community. Thus we feel that the leading problem in the Black community and throughout Africa and the Diaspora is a confused dialog between Blacks and those who have historically oppressed Black people.

These confused Blacks are in our universities, they are politicians, they lead Civil Rights Organizations, they head our churches finally an irresponsible element is found in every institution in our society. These are the people that have obstructed freedom, justice and equality for Black people.

Thus we argue that so-called White racists could not continue the exploitation of Black people without the help of many irresponsible Blacks. Black exploitation without the help of Black corruption would be on a low-level and would soon die out. Thus, just reason for labeling and crying foul at every instance of compromised behavior.

We also find it highly insulting for you or anybody to try to compare Booker T. Washington with Garvey and Elijah Muhammad. There is no comparison unless you are claiming that both Garvey and Muhammad were Accommodationists, integrationists and compromised Black leaders.

Also the founding of Tuskegee like many other Black institutions of higher learning in America has been part of a mis-education scheme first clearly noted by Carter G. Woodson. Thus relying on his research we still see very few independent Black colleges in America. In order for a Black student to get an Afro-Centric education in America he or she has to be a skilled independent thinker and walk cautiously, especially if they study the Social Sciences.

A man is judged by his fruits. Many things can be placed in the negative column for both Garvey and Muhammad. However, their fruits outweigh any negative aspects of their leadership. Meanwhile, this is not so for Booker T. The negative aspects of this man's ungodly reign far outweigh anything positive he contributed. The great tragedy of Booker T. was that he set the precedent for Black Uncle Toms, and the compromised leadership posture. However, Booker T. did it for money. Meanwhile, the clones of Booker T. are still pimping the Human Rights struggle for money. Thus the present day professional Civil Rights leader is called by $$$$$money and not compassion for the downtrodden and oppressed.

It is not Love to deny Truth. We cannot re-write history. The record is clear on Booker T. Those in the Black community that continue to deny a truthful assessment of our leadership are part of the problem. We will never make any progress in the Black community as long as we claim enemies as our friends. Thus, many so-called Heroes in the Black community are our enemies.

Finally since you attempt the impossible by trying to compare Booker T. With Garvey and Muhammad reflect on this: Why do White people love Booker T.? Meanwhile these same White people Hate Garvey with a passion and words do not describe the Hate they have for Elijah Muhammad. You are very confused if you think the Love and hate of these people do not have a great impact on how we assess Black leadership.

Meanwhile we wallow and strive in Christian love for all of humankind, friend and foe. We trust that you will also as this is the only way to be saved and reap the free gift of salvation. Peace and Paradise Carl A. Patton. (Updated 11 June 2009)

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