Writers Note: The system of mis-education has also relied heavily on the recreant, and the disloyal. Thus, a cadre of professional instigators, rebel rousers, and agent provocateurs are enlisted. Many claim to be integrationists, Black Nationalists, Revolutionaries etc.

These renegades are the worst of the worst because they are often presented as the most militant. Thus they are often in the vanguard of the struggle for Human Rights but cause dis-unity and dissension.


Carl A. Patton, Writing for The FreedomJournal February 21, 2000.


Part 1: The Confusion Caused by Mis-Education

                                   In the name of God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.

Editors Note: This series of articles will hopefully bring more clarity to the on-going confusion regarding Black history. Also for the many people that have confusions as too why The FreedomJournal uses Black instead of African-American see "The Name Game," FreedomJournal Page. Also, see Chancellor Williams "The Destruction Black Civilization page 23, where you find these words: "The term Black was given a rebirth by the Black youth revolt. As reborn, it does not refer to the particular color of any particular person. But, to the attitude of pride and devotion to the race whose homeland from times immemorial was called "The Land of The Blacks."

Part 1: The Confusion Caused by Mis-Education," will highlight the historical reasons for this confusion. Part 2: The Attack on Afro-Centric Scholars," will reveal that there is a sustained effort to destroy the message and the messengers of Truth. Part 3: The Power of God and Black History," will reveal to the reader the presence of God in Truth and the histories of mankind. Part 4: God Ordains Black History," will bear witness to the Word of God and the essence of Black history.

We bear witness that Almighty God has revealed that He is Truth. Thus, the accurate recording of the histories of mankind is in His will. The record shows that the on-going confusion of Black people about their history is ingrained in the economics of racism in the historic exploitation Black people. Therefore, the economic system of slavery, and colonialism set the precedents for the on-going and contemporary attempts to continue the economic exploitation of the Black masses.

Thus, we find clear logical reasons for the historic campaign to mis-educate Black people. Within the hearts and minds of capitalists corrupted with economic greed we see the interests for lies, and falsehoods to keep intact a system of control. This system would thusly insure that Blacks would come to control themselves.

As the system of control was fine tuned and developed by the proponents of economic racism, they duly passed it onto Black leaders, educators etc. Let the record also show that this system has survived because of the efforts of treasonable and mutinous people within the Black community. This disloyal element poses as legitimate Black leaders and tries to destroy independent Black leadership, and the Free Black Press. Thus, causing Confusion, Dis-Unity and Dissension. As the clock turned to a new century we see almost four hundred years of mis-education of Black people and the confusion it has caused. This confusion has resulted in enslavement to the dependence on White people. The denial of self-sufficiency has also resulted, creating non paid investors in the capitalist system. Secondly this calculated system of mis-education has caused Dis-Unity among Black people.

With so many charlatans and false prophets past and present we need somebody moved by Truth and objectivity. It is a rare occurrence to find bonafide Truth-Seekers in the intellectual community. Therefore we are honored to note one of our great thinkers who has made a positive contribution to our struggle for Human Rights.

Our Brother the late Chancellor Williams, "The Destruction of Black Civilization," gives us valid information toward making some sense out of this confusion. Here Professor Williams reveals to Black historians a framework for the study of African history. This framework of analysis extends to the study of Black American history and the study of the Black presence throughout the Diaspora.

Professor Williams argues: "There is a historical and fundamental basis of real brotherhood and unity of the Black race. This could not escape the notice of the Europeans who have been investigating and writing about Africa over the years."

Professor Williams continues this discussion: "Massive Black unity would be massive Black power which, of course would reduce White power and its domination of the earth. So White Africanist writers always concentrated on the ethnic differences among Africans."

Professor Williams in the following statement defines the role of the Black historian: "The Black historian if he is to serve his generation must not hesitate to declare what he thinks the results of these studies mean. For even when our history shows us where we have been weak, it is also showing us how, through our own efforts, we can become strong again."

We are also indebted to Professor Williams for the following statements. In a clear and vivid succinct fashion Professor Williams notes the results of mis-education in the Black community.

"The first tragedy to note about the effects of this class education on Blacks is that it further reinforced colonialism's policy of perpetual disunity in Africa and elsewhere. The second great tragedy is mainly rote learning, the ability to memorize phrases, concepts and other required data. Thinking is neither required nor expected. Also, critical analyses and the evaluation of subject matter are not required."

Meanwhile the confusion continues because only a few Black historians accept the framework for analysis established by scholars like Chancellor Williams. Most of the historians of today despite race seek to redefine history.

History can be defined as a systematic chronological account of important events connected with a country, people, individual etc. Usually the account of history is noted by an explanation of causes. The crucial and key concern is the explanation of causes. Those taught not to think and make analyses are lost. Those taught to be biased and prejudiced are also lost. Those that have a world view that promotes racial superiority are also lost.

It is against the Laws of God to take the Truth of humankind and distort it for economic gain, power etc. To the non-believers you cannot take God out of Truth because you deny God. To the so-called Believers that are absent of love, you cannot use God to promote ideas of discrimination and hate.

Cont. Part 2: The Attack on Afro-Centric Scholars.


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