The call for family values by politicians and Hollywood are more akin to publicity and public relations than a political issue. Especially in regard to Blacks, because Hollywood and conservative politicians don't speak for, or set the family values for the Black community.

Hollywood's greedy movie moguls will do almost anything to make a dollar. That includes producing silly, foolish sitcoms. Meanwhile, they appeal to those that find that they need to be entertained in a frivolous way. But, to many people watching sitcoms on television is a waste of time.

So while many conservatives speak for intelligent White people and conservative White America they do not speak for Black people. It is tragic and tough that some Blacks have become so confused that they think they have the same family values as White people.

But, there should be no question among Blacks as to who should form and set Black family values. It sure would be a shame if we let many so-called conservatives and liberals set family values. When the Republicans were in the White House, they always talked about family values. Therefore, many foolish Blacks actually thought that the conservative right was talking about Black family values also.

So if I take issue with the Republicans and the other conservative family value seekers on the right I also don't opt for Hollywood. You are crazy if you think that the movie industry has some responsibility toward principles. It is totally out of the question for any sane person to let a bunch of actors and materialistic Hollywood tycoons set standards in the Black community.

The standards of Black family values can also lean heavily on the essence of a mother and father and not just a one parent household. As you know, certain circumstances have caused an ongoing rise in Black female head of households. Once again Blacks are left out of the equation, because White family values are exclusive to Whites. There are some basic parallels, but each ethnic group or group has definite cultural values unique among themselves.

As cultural traits that relate to family values are realized, so is the history of Blacks in America. So once again a mystery and reality of our past is revealed. Slavery was the initial occupation of Blacks in America. Slaves were not allowed any family values.

The Black family ceased to exist, fathers, mothers, sons; daughters were sold to the highest bidder regardless of being separated from parents and siblings. Blacks were not allowed a formal and spiritual wedding; Blacks jumped the broom, while White people formalized wedding vows in the church. So as the first Black family was herded and corralled like cows and sheep the Black family structure was built on no responsibility. The Black male slave stud became a part of a degenerate and dehumanizing aspect of the institution of slavery. In fact the forced reproduction task of the male slave stud defied even basic instinct. Thus, the breeders developed no kinship to the offspring that resulted from this planned and organized reproduction of humans for profit.

But, even in the less extreme circumstances on slave plantations Black males were directed toward total irresponsibility toward the value of fatherhood and family. This initial thinking and indoctrination is still prevalent in the Black community today. Thus, in 1999 the irresponsibility of many Black fathers has resulted in numerous Black families with females heading households. So when we talk about family values we must qualify that Black family values take certain questions into consideration.

Questions like what is the reality of the destruction of Basic Black family values? From slavery onward the impact of Black male directed responsibility to family is a living reality. In the process Black families have done the impossible. All young Black males restricted to female head of households have not ended up on the dead-end street of drugs, crime, incarceration and death.

Thus, even in the middle of such stacked and rigged circumstances some of us have prevailed. Also the success of the Black family does not have anything to do with how much the Black family is like his White counterpart. The success of the Black family rests on love by mother, father, aunt, uncle and the true essence of parental and sibling love. This particular love has to realize the particular circumstances that have caused certain behavior. There are few people on earth that by nature and ethnic origin that have abnormal traits and the tendencies toward self genocide. Much can be explained based on the realization that many things happen for some reason. Realizing that they have happened, and why, can reveal why, you still have results of something started a long time ago.


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