My Beloved Brethren,


Peace be unto you. We trust that you will take the time to read the FreedomJournal. Donít get so upset when people talk and write about Jesus. As a Black Historian/Political Scientist for over 40years and living through Jim Crow and the height of the Civil Rights and Liberation Movements I saw and heard many things.


However I later realized that many of our own people told lies just like the Europeans. Thus Black Supremacy is not the answer to White Supremacy as all are ignorant and without logic as to who are enemies and who are friends.


As a graduate student in a Black Studies Program in the 70ís I thought that the greatest crime against Black people was the distortion of the record of our African past. However now as of 1996 I firmly believe that the greatest crime against Black people and humankind in general is the distortion of the historical record of the Church.


Beloved if you want to know Truth study the history of the Church. Then other factors of history will make more sense and fall in place. However you will get confused if you disregard the Bible. Now I realize that you take the position of those we usually do not exchange any questions etc. however we are appealing to your intellect.


Man can learn from his enemies. So if the Bible and Christ are your enemies learn from them and be enlightened. But if you seriously study these issues you will find more Truth than you presently have. Because you now live in a state of CONFUSION. We donít ask you to love anybody but yourself.


Peace and Love,

Brother Carl, FreedomJournal 15 May 2007 in the year of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.





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