(30 May 2008 by Carl A. Patton)


As I reflected back on my few days in New York City and my beloved brother William Patton III ( may he rest in peace) I also thought of my father William Patton II (may he rest in peace) and his father my grandfather William Patton (may he rest in peace). I also thought of “Fallen Letters: Mis-education & Intellectual Confusion (Essays on the Black Experience)” and my grandfather William Patton and his picture on the back cover waving at the water.


My mind also reflected on my great, great grandfather Samuel Arnett and my great, great grandmother Louisa on the front cover of Fallen Letters. May they all rest in peace and I pray that all of my ancestors will be called from the grave to Peace and Paradise. Just what do these pictures mean to me? What do you see?


All along the highways and byways the streets

the alleys of that great city the Empire state and

throughout many other places on God’s green earth

came people that seemed to roam.


They often blended into the urban landscape

and most took them for granted. Tattered

garments of many clothes were usually upon

their backs.


I also saw weathered run-down, run-over

shoes. Most ladies wore several pairs of

stockings and some had holes in their clothes.

But what of their souls? The Spirit did not rest

nor did the body.


I still see a push cart lost from some grocery store

long forgotten, I see this man among the

Bag People. He had all of his possessions

with him and too many he was going nowhere.


Brethren bear with me as I look toward the

righteous man. Was not the man/woman

in tattered clothes with nowhere to go not



Meanwhile a man we will call righteous as

he is distinguished from the Bag People as

he had a home and he carried his possessions

in a suit-case.


He also wandered as he was in a foreign

land. However he knew his final destination.

Did he care for material things as his god

cherishing gold over love?


Just what did the Bag People love?

Surely material things was of little importance

to them as they carried all of their possessions

upon their backs, bags and stuffed in a push cart.


Was there something about these people?

Although they thrived upon the horrible cement and

asphalt landscape was there found among them

a great appreciation of the outdoors and the Creation?


Is one close to nature under a bridge wrapped in newspaper

to keep warm? Do they live off the land or charity from

the righteous? Meanwhile the righteous looked in that

ever present looking glass.


He saw many things in common. He knew nothing upon

his back are in his suit-case could he take with him where

he was going. The Bag People mostly bothered no body

they live to let live.


They wandered and if you look you see something. Jesus

our Savior nor the Saints came as kings are great warriors

nor did Jesus carry a sword or gold to control the enemies

of God.


I see Peace in solitude. I see love in those that came

not for things that are temporary. If you feel the Wind you

can see Jesus.




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