(4-30-2009, Victory Park, By Carl A. Patton)


Greetings Brethren,


Peace be unto you. No one is destined to a life everlasting that is not good. However one must be able to determine that all days are good days with the Lord. I felt the flesh but the Spirit prevailed.


The birth of the flesh was bad and good.

But mostly bad. The righteous would

eventually see sad and sullen days, as

things grew foreign in the world.


However it is written that one day

things will get better as the challenge

to peace will be over. These bad days

will become good days and we will not,


Worry any more. Worry though was not

caught up in doubt. But just the mystery

of the saints. There are no answers in man.

There is no consolation in peace-makers that

see not love.


Peace and Paradise,

Dr. Carl A. Patton writing for the FreedomJournal Press 17 January 2010 in the year of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.


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