In the name of Jehovah God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.



Father we are thankful for another day among the living and the dead. Peace be unto our Father and the Father of Abraham and all of humankind that embrace our Savior Jesus Christ. Thanks be to God our Father through Jesus Christ for the Holy Spirit. We pray for peace in the home, church, the land and country and in Jerusalem.


Do women and men have roles in the church? Women and men do have roles in the Church. As you know there are distinct roles for men and women in the home so there should be a distinction in the Church. Jesus Christ is the head of the Church through the Father with the Holy Spirit as our guide.


Thus, Preachers should be very careful when they assign leadership positions to women in the Church. We do not come to place women in a role of submission or to discriminate against women. However, God created the woman to be the help-mate of the man. God ordained this role not the FreedomJournal however many worldly notions like Women's Liberation have come into the church.


Women and Men are Free in Christ.  Thus, Christian women are already Liberated. Also Christian women that have Christian husbands should not worry about abuse and being placed in a submissive position regarding their husband etc. A man should respect his wife. This respect should be evident whether the wife is a Christian or one of unbelief. Nevertheless, when the wife is a believer she will follow her role as ordained by God the Father.  The husband will also follow his role. If the Christian man and woman follow, Christ there is no problem with the distinction of male and female roles.


Now how can we get men to come to church? First the Church has to be what God has ordained it to be. The False Prophets must go. The greatest threat to Christianity is from within. Thus the Church leadership is at fault and the members who allow and go along with sin and things not pleasing to God.


However, we do need men in the Church. I believe that many men will come to the Church and stay and walk with God if the perception of the Church would change. The Church in order to attract men and any true believer has to remove ungodly images. These ungodly images are seen in the church as the stereotypical place for Preachers to rob the people. It has to become a Holy Place. The Holy church is the only church that can be a vehicle to render us Peace and Paradise.


Meanwhile we see the multitude of churches who seek to add and take away from the Sacred Text. Historically those that have come to embrace God have done this. However it is written that those that commit these acts serve Satan and not God. Therefore, most churches are filled with things not of God. Thus, the leadership ranks are filled with False Prophets. Most of the world stands in great dispute to the things of God and the Truth of the Bible. Thus the messengers of God that stand on this Truth will have few friends among the clergy. For most of the clergy add to the Sacred Text and take many things away. This mis-informed and Devil inspired clergy have also brainwashed and tainted the minds of many people in various congregations. Thus the Truth Seeker the Truth Bearer will have few friends among the people of the pews also.


Yet we remind the righteous you will always have a friend in Jesus. Almighty God will continue to bless the righteous and render the stumbling blocks as footstools to righteousness.


Thus we must read and study the Bible like it is a saving force, which it is. We must stop abiding by foolish tradition and follow God's law and not the laws of man created to bilk people out of money. We must come to understand that the False Prophets come to lift themselves up and fill their pocketbooks and not bring Glory to God.


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