(12 April 2008 by Carl A. Patton)


Many still stand asleep and

sleeping in sorrow.


I see the first slaves as this institution

was established.


“And Moses spake so unto the

Children of Israel: but they

Hearkened not unto Moses for

Anguish of Spirit, and for cruel bondage.”


I also hear their cry for relief

from the oppression of Pharaoh.


They wandered still with hard

heads in disbelief still disobedient.


Still in doubt many lost in the wilderness

knew not the Savior and helped Him

to the Cross.


Still sleeping in sorrow and asleep they

deny the transition of the Old to the new

and yet wait to see Jesus.


“And he then rose up from prayer,

and was come to his disciples, he

found them sleeping for sorrow.”


Some say this next group of chattel

subjects descended from the first

group. Did they come from the same



Meanwhile oppression met them head

on from the time they saw the western



Bondage brought freedom and they

also wandered from south to north to

east and west seeking more freedom.


Groups on race claimed their troubles

but the masses still saw very little and

most slept endlessly in sorrow and pain.




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