By Carl Patton, writing for the FreedomJournal October 23, 2000.

One of the major responsibilities of those that seek Truth ingrained in the Black Experience is to unravel impacting questions and concerns in the Black community. The question of Race/Racism is such a question. Therefore in order to bring "Are Some Blacks Racists" up for review we need to define Race/Racism. Most Social Scientists have defined Race and Racism in general terms that are often universal. However, the Experiences of Blacks in America, Africa and the Diaspora impose another definitive quality to Race/Racism.

Meanwhile, we preface our statements with the notation that we do not come to refute the well- thought out comments, and facts rendered by our esteemed colleagues, Brother Nathan Hare and Brother Rashad. Thus for the sake of unity and the exchange of constructive dialogue we come to add to the excellent points they have rendered concerning this subject. We also note the ever present logic in the utility of various schools of thought, philosophies and ideologies to come to the high road of Truth about a particular question. Thus, to combine thought and personalities is benefited by the essential element of agreement on the goal of Unity. The essential and critical element of Unity in the Black community is a realization that the road to Freedom, Justice and Equality will be traveled by different religions, different political thoughts etc. However all that travel this road have something in common. Hence all Black people that desire Human Rights wish to keep intact the spirit of Unity and Love. For the record all of humankind even those that preach Hate are consumed by the spirit of Love. Sadly to some the spirit of "Love" is "Love to Hate." But can one Love to Hate?

We also point out that we are not sacrificing Truth for Unity. Thus we feel for certain that the points noted by Brother Hare and Brother Rashad are on target. We also appreciate their efforts to establish fruitful dialogue and the respect they have for the Black community and other Independent Thinkers. For the record we also note that we do not always agree with all of the comments by Brother Rashad or Brother Hare. They also most likely do not always agree with all of the comments and positions of the FreedomJournal. However, we have never had an antagonistic dialogue with these well respected and honorable Brothers. Therefore, we have always been able to maintain a fruitful and constructive dialogue. For this we are grateful and further establish their irrefutable credibility.

Brother Rashad has noted that, "the question actually begs for an answer that is not readily available." Also, Brother Hare has noted the important element of "Power" in the question of Race/Racism. These two points of interest set our point of departure and also establish our basic framework for a methodology to explore this question. It is for sure that the question of Racism as it applies to Black people is a developing phenomenon. It is also for certain that one cannot exert Racism without some element of Power. We also note that the question of Race is not isolated from Economics. Thus, we argue that one cannot come to understand the factors of Racism in Black America, Africa and the Diaspora without an understanding of the economics of racism.

Racism is justly then a unique element that often is a component of economics. However, discrimination is a component of racism. For example Jim Crow was a component of racism but Jim Crow has come to an end. But meanwhile racism and many of its various components still survive and develop. Therefore we argue that Economic/Racism is a developing phenomenon in the Black community and throughout the world. Thus the methodology for an analysis of "Are Some Blacks Racists" and "Can Blacks be Racists" is noted in the developing philosophy of Economic Racism.

Thus we note that the Economic Exploitation of Africa and the Third World produced Racism. Economic Greed not Economic Need came first and Racism soon followed as a rationale to exploit those in Africa and other third World countries. This exploitation also produced the greatest result of the Philosophy of Economic/Racism, Slavery in America.

Thus if Blacks were exploited for economic reasons and if their resulting subordination to European Rule was not based on skin color and ethnic origins we bring another equation to this discussion. This further equation then stipulates that anyone can be a racist because racism has only an indirect bearing on the exploitation of other people. Thus, Economics has been the driving force in front of Racism.

Therefore if Blacks exploited White people for economic gain and then justified their exploitation on race then they could also be racists. Here we point out that the acceptance that only White people can be racist is to also accept certain aspects of inferiority. Thus the admission that Blacks by nature and not by circumstance are exploited economically can maintain the exclusive nature of only White racists.

At this point the FreedomJournal will pose several questions and references to articles taken from the FreedomJournal Archives:

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