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We continue to note the False statements made by Mr. Brown regarding anointing. Our primary purpose is to show that Mr. Brown willfully or due to gross ignorance distorts the scripture. Often those interested in establishing means to mis-lead and exploit the people preach and teach of the brethren having great powers.


Therefore we see that many contemporary False Prophets teach ungodly things about God's anointing. This is primarily done to suffice for their lies about being personally anointed by God. So False Prophets, the Devilish Prosperity and Healing-Preachers can then claim that God has anointed them to heal, prophesy etc. In so doing they also teach the flock they to (if they follow them) can have anointing. However the flocks anointing is limited and never as great as the Leader.


Nevertheless, the Bible does not reveal the believers will be rendered great power through anointing. God did give miraculous power to the Apostles but those that claim this power today are not Apostles. God may have anointed some to preach the gospel.  However, you cannot remain anointed by God and teach and preach falsehoods. Therefore if you leave the Truth of the Bible you leave God and if you leave God you are not anointed.


Again in an attempt to support anointing among the Brethren Mr. Brown produces some scripture. This scripture is from the Old Testament. However, this scripture is about a special service in the Tabernacle. We now turn to Exodus. Mr. Brown has noted several verses from Exodus chapter 30, they are as follows.


Exodus 30:25 "And you shall make of theses holy anointing oil, a perfume mixture, the work of

a perfumer, it shall be a holy anointing oil."


Exodus 30:30 "And you shall anoint Aaron and his sons, and consecrate them, THAT THEY MAY MINSTER AS PRIESTS TO ME."


FreedomJournal: Again Mr. Brown does not note the entire verse. So we will record the entire verse. We also note that to understand what is going on here one must read the entire chapter and especially verses 22-33. These verses grouped together deal with the command from God to use oil to dedicate and ordain various things used in the Tabernacle. These things were the chest, table and equipment, the lamp stand with its equipment, the incense altar with all its utensils, the altar for sacrifices and the large bowl with its stand. They also ordained Aaron and his sons as priests.


Exodus 30:25. "And thou shalt make it an oil of holy ointment, an ointment compound after the art of apothecary: it shall be an holy anointing oil."


Verses 22-25 compose the official formula for preparing anointing oil. There were five ingredients and olive oil was the substance that held them together for aromatic purposes. Holy anointing oil used in the Old Testament under the Old Law refers to this particular mixture noted here in Exodus 30. 


Exodus 30:30. "And thou shalt anoint Aaron and his sons, and consecrate them, that they may minister unto me in the priest's office."


Mr. Brown almost records the entire verse but what he left out can clearly confuse the reader. For example "Priests Office" is very important, but we no longer have the "Priests Office. The priesthood was under the Old Law. Jesus Christ is the High Priest. Again we warn the Brethren you deny Christ when you attempt to include the Old Law as part of the Christian Worship service for example when you participate in the ceremony of Tithing.


During the time of the Old Law when the Tabernacle was set up the articles of service and the men intended for the priesthood were anointed with this oil noted in Exodus 30. However it is a gross error to try to distort this scripture to argue that God means for all believers to be anointed like priests.


Furthermore under the Old Law this oil was for the service of the Tabernacle only and they permitted no man to make a personal use of it. Neither could he make any like it for his own personal use. This oil also was not allowed to be used on a stranger.



For the record the use of oil for anointing purposes had a specific purpose under the Old Law. However, the use of oil is noted in the time of the New Testament and the Christian period. Yet one must make the distinction. Finally it is clear that the mere notation of a word in scripture that is up for review does not prove that God has approved it for your purposes. Those that follow God will look for the true meaning of scripture. Meanwhile, the False Prophets continue to distort the Bible for personal gain. Most of the distortions are not done out of pure ignorance, but are done by a Devilish cadre of sin-sick materialistic Preachers and Teachers to exploit the people and use the Word of God to do it.



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